LAUC-Davis Division
2009/2010 Officers and Committees Roster

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Note: the LAUC-D year runs from Sept. 1 - Aug. 31. The year in parentheses indicates the year the person's term in that particular position expires (when a range of years is given, that is the total term for that position).


Chair: Adam Siegel (2009-10)
Vice-Chair/Chair Elect: Karl Kocher (2009-10)
Past Chair: Lisa Spagnolo (2009-10)
Secretary: Matt Conner (2009-10)


1. Committee on Appointments, Promotions, and Advancement (CAPA)
Chair: Daryl Morrison (2009-10)
Vice-Chair/Chair Elect: Cory Craig (2009-11)
Rebecca Davis (2010)
Roberto Delgadillo (2011)
Lisa Spagnolo (2011)

2. Nominations and Elections Committee
Chair: Melissa Browne (2009-10)
Elisabeth McKetchnie (2009-10)
Jared Campbell (2009-10)
Mary Wood (2009-10)
Vice-Chair/Chair Elect serves ex-officio: Karl Kocher

3. Professional Activities Committee
Chair: Meredith Saba (2009-10)
Vice Chair/Chair Elect: Barbara Hegenbart (2009-10)
Susan Llano (2009-11)
Kathy Lin (2010)

4. Professional Issues Committee
Chair: David Michalski
Vice Chair/Chair Elect: Sarah Gardner (2009-11)
Mike Winter (2009-11)
Bernadette Swanson (2010)
Vice-Chair/Chair Elect serves ex-officio: Karl Kocher (2009-10)

5. Program Committee
Chair: Cory Craig (2009-10)
Vice Chair/Chair Elect: Phoebe Ayers (2009-11)
Jeremy Spencer (2010)
Patsy Inouye (2010)

6. Research Committee
Chair: Bruce Abbott (2009-11)
Vice Chair/Chair Elect: Xaoli Li (2009-13)
Juri Stratford (2010)
to be appointed


Committee on Professional Governance: Matt Conner (2010)

Research and Professional Development Committee: Bruce Abbott (2010)

Diversity Committee: Deanna Johnson (2011)