Emeritus/Retiree Privileges for UC Davis Librarians

LX Article 36 - Special Retirement Benefits

A librarian who has attained the rank of Librarian with at least 10 years of University service, and who retires from an active appointment on or after July 1, 2003, shall be eligible to receive the campus benefits equivalent to those provided to non-Senate appointees who have been granted emeritus status at that campus. The AFT acknowledges that the level of benefits provided to non-Senate emeriti varies by location. The emeriti benefits are subject to change at the sole discretion of the University. These benefits do not confer emeritus status. Librarians interested in attaining emeritus status should contact the campus library Human Resources office.

Privileges for Retiring UC Davis Librarians

UC librarians retiring with Emeritus status and eligible retiring librarians (per LX article 36), receive the same benefits as emeritus faculty.

UC Davis librarians with emeritus status are coded as such in the campus payroll system for automatic receipt and renewal of privileges.

There is currently no way for campus to code non-emeritus librarians in the campus payroll system because if they don't hold the Emeritus title, they are effectively separated from the payroll system since they are no longer "employed." For eligible non-emeritus retired librarians to receive the emeritus benefits, the only work around at this point is using the temporary affiliate accounts, which must be renewed annually. Renewal needs to be initiated by the retired librarian.

UC Davis Senate vs Non-Senate Emeritus Privileges

In consultation with the Vice Provost-Academic Affairs Office and Professor Emeritus Charles Hess, the following has been determined:

The chart below briefly describes privileges for UCD Emeritus and retirees. Please use the following links for the most current and comprehensive descriptions.

UC Davis Emeritus Privileges

UC Davis Retiree Privileges

Sources of the Rights and Privileges of Emeriti/ae Professors at UC Davis

UC Davis Emeritus/Retiree Privileges and Benefits

Attend Departmental Meetings The participatory rights of Academic Senate emeriti/ae faculty derive from the Standing Orders of The Regents and Bylaws 55(D) of the Academic Senate. Emeriti/ae faculty remain members of the faculties of their respective schools and/or colleges, and they retain departmental membership. Emeritus Emeritus
home dept.
Departmental Voting Restrictions Although Senate Bylaw 45 insures that Senate emeriti/ae retain departmental membership and the accompanying collegial participatory rights, Bylaw 55(A) grants the right to vote on "substantial departmental questions" only to "its non-emeriti/ae faculty who are voting members of the Academic Senate..." The latter may extend the right to vote to their emeriti/ae colleagues (as a class) either by a majority vote for non- personnel issues or a two-thirds vote for personnel matters. Any such granted extensions may be revoked after a period of not less than one year. Emeritus Emeritus
home dept.
and Research
Professors emeriti/ae may be appointed as officers of instruction to teach regular courses. Emeriti/ae may submit proposals for extramural support of research and serve as principal investigators, subject to discretionary approval by the chair of their department and higher administrative officers. Professors emeriti/ae, under recall or not, may be appointed as regular members or chairs of committees to evaluate theses or dissertations or to conduct qualifying examinations. Emeritus Emeritus
home dept.
to University
and Services
University policy encourages the assignment of office and laboratory space to Emeritus professors who wish to continue their scholarly or creative activities and their service to the University. The department chair is responsible for the assignment of space and permission to use support facilities for Emeriti professors and non-Senate retirees. This is done in accordance with the policies of the department and is subject to the amount of available space and funding. Emeritus Emeritus
home dept.

Health Benefits The university currently contributes toward the monthly cost of medical and dental coverage for retirees from UC Davis who are receiving monthly benefits from University of California Retirement System (UCRS). All retirees Main campus
Med Center
Health Care Facilitator Program The Health Care Facilitator Program assists UC Davis and UC Davis Health System employees and retirees with questions about their medical and dental coverage, including billing and claim problems, comparison of plan options, access issues, and Medicare coordination. All retirees UCD campus
Foreign travel accident and assistance program The Foreign Travel Accident and Assistance Program is available from UC Davis Risk Management Services on a weekly basis while traveling at the express direction and with the approval of the university. The program's application must be initiated by the department.
Available for Faculty, Staff, or any person designated by UC while traveling at the direction and approval of UC.
Retiree Identification Card UC Davis ID cards are extended to staff and emeritus faculty who retired from UC Davis and are receiving monthly benefits from University of California Retirement System (UCRS) or who elected a lump-sum cash out. The retiree ID card, called an AggieCard, provides access to campus resources such as the library and discounts at campus venues. All retirees Website
Retiree (RT) parking permit Faculty and staff who have retired from UC Davis employment, as well as retirees from other UC campuses who join either the UCDRA or UCDEA can obtain a complimentary RT parking permit from the Transportation and Parking Services (TAPS) office on the Davis campus. RT permits provide “A” parking privileges on the UC Davis campus and “B” parking privileges at the UC Davis Health System. If a retiree should return to work as an employee of UC Davis, he/she is no longer eligible for this type of permit. All retirees TAPS
Emeritus Email Professors emeriti/ae may arrange with their department to retain their UC Davis e-mail address. This process should be initiated prior to retirement. Emeritus Emeritus home department
Retiree Email Within 90 days of retirement, retirees may apply for an optional and complimentary service that will forward their mailid@ucdavis.edu e-mail to an external e-mail address (e.g., yourname@gmail.com). All Retirees IET Help Desk
Listing in telephone directory The department is responsible for placing retirees’ names in the telephone directory. Emeritus Home department
Emeriti/ae Association Emeriti/ae are eligible to join the Emeriti/ae Association. Participation in Emeriti/ae Association activities, including the Video Oral History program. Eligible for discounted rates at Emeriti/ae Association and Retiree Center activities. All Retirees Emeriti Association
Retiree Association To be eligible to join the UC Davis Retirees' Association you must either have retired from UC Davis or have retired from any other University of California campus and live within the greater Davis/Sacramento area. All Retirees UCD Retiree Association
University and State Employees’ Credit Union Retirees may join the credit union at any time. Direct deposit of retirement checks is possible. All Retirees Website
At Your Service At Your Service provides information about the UC Retirement Plan (UCRP), retirement income, and health and welfare benefits. All Retirees AYSO website
Fidelity Retirement Services Fidelity Retirement Services provides the record keeping and account services for the UC Defined Contribution Plan (DCP), 403(b) tax-deferred plan, and 457(b) deferred compensation plan. All Retirees Website
Library Privileges Retirees are eligible for the same level of services as current employees. Privileges for retired staff must be renewed annually; privileges for emeritus faculty do not expire. All Retirees Library
Access to licensed electronic resources Access to licensed electronic resources is limited to UCD affiliates with emeritus status and requires a Kerberos account. Verification is done by using the Retiree card supplied by the applicant. For librarians not coded as Emeritus in the payroll system, but eligible for Emeritus privileges annual renewal of a temporary affiliate account must be completed. (See TAF process for Non-Emeritus Retired Librarians with Emeritus Privileges for details.) Library
Home department