New Library School Scholarship:


The University Council—American Federation of Teachers (Unit 17, Local 2023) invites applications for its new Award for Library Employees attending Library School. 


Description:  This award provides the recipient with $500 for tuition toward a Masters degree in Library and/or Information Science.  This award, which may be given annually, depending on the availability of funds, is supported by the University Council of the American Federation of Teachers.


Eligibility:  All employees of the University of California Davis libraries who are enrolled or admitted to a recognized library or information science program may apply.


How to Apply:

Please submit a brief resume containing the following information.

Also, please submit proof of enrollment in or admission to a recognized library or information science program.

(Selection criteria available on request)


Application Deadline: Applications must be received by July 1, 2006. 


Send Application to:

American Federation of Teachers Local 2023
P.O. Box 73364
Davis, California 95617-3364


For more information, contact the 2006 Scholarship Committee:


Daniel Goldstein

Humanities and Social Sciences Department

Shields Library


Lisa Spagnolo

Acquisitions Department

Shields Library


Karl Kocher

Systems Department

Shields Library