LAUC-D Academic Personnel Action Review Board

Annual Report 2003-2004


1. Membership


Nancy Kushigian (Chair) Preservation and Digital Initiatives

John Ward, HSL/MCL  (Vice-Chair/Chair Elect through March 04)

Cory Craig, Physical Sciences and Engineering Library

Patricia French, Serials Department

Mary Wood, UC Center for Animal Alternatives



2. Activities


The Review Board had a moderately busy workload this year. The Board reviewed 22 salary action review packets and prepared recommendations to the University Librarian and the Dean of the School of Law.  The board reviewed seven recommendations for acceleration, one promotion and one move to career status. In addition, five new appointments were reviewed.


Because of the large numbers of accelerations The Review Board discussed at length the factors that support such a move. The Board noted differences between review initiators in the volume and quality of documentation supporting such moves, and agreed that APARB’s role as protector of equity across the units is necessary and effective, as it can compensate for variation among the departments.


The board referred often to language in the MOU and APM, and found differences confusing. Because C-9 language is identical for acceleration between Represented and Non-represented librarians, we decided to rely on the C-9 documents so as to apply equitable standards across the board. 


3. Actions considered


Promotion:                                1


Career Status:                          1


One-step merit:                     14


Non-Action Plateau:             1


Acceleration:                            7  considered,  6 endorsed by APARB


No Increase:                                   0


Change of Review Initiator’s Recommendation:        1


Appointments Reviewed:            5 temporary,  1 permanent


Deferrals Reviewed:                 0


Disqualifications:                       6






Use of the term “line librarian” by review initiatiors for represented librarians is misleading, since most librarians have management responsibilities in a variety of areas, whether or not they are represented by a bargaining unit.



Submitted, June 21, 2004

Nancy Kushigian