Chair: Rafaela Castro, Humanities/Social Sciences


Chair-Elect: Karen Andrews, Physical Sciences & Engineering Library

Members: Michael Colby, Humanities/Social Sciences

Gail Nichols, Access Services

Jerry Thompson, Health Sciences Library


  2. The first meeting of the Review Board was held on January 6, 2000 with the Associate University Librarian for Administrative Services and the Academic Personnel Coordinator. This meeting was for the purpose of handing out the Academic Personnel Action Review Board binders, for discussing confidentiality, and procedures as specified in Library Policy Statement C-9.

    The Review Board met approximately thirteen times between October, 1999 and August 2000. The Board reviewed eleven salary action review packets and prepared recommendations to the University Librarian and the Dean of the School of Law. In addition the Board reviewed and approved two permanent and six temporary librarian appointments.


  1. Total permanent positions: General, Law and Veterinary Libraries: 48
  2. Evaluation recommendations reviewed by the Review Board
  3. Promotion: 1

    Career Status:

    One-step merit: 5

    Non-action plateau: 4

    Accelerations: 1

    New Appointments: 2

    Temporary Appointments: 6

  4. Change of Review Initiatorís recommendation: 0
  5. Reviews returned by Review Board for additional information: 1



  1. Often the Board members make positive suggestions that could assist the person
  2. under review in planning professional development activities that would further

    their career, but they never see this information. The Review Board discussed

    and recommends that starting in the year 2000-01 the Board institute an

    administrative form or letter that would be sent to the candidate, the Review

    Initiator, and the administrative file, informing the candidate of the comments

    made by the Review Board.

  3. In July, 2000, the UCD University Library Administration received an

announcement from the Office of the President stating that campuses should

implement the new salary scale for non-represented librarians effective July 1st.

On July 20, 2000 the Review Board was asked to re-examine the review packet of the one UCD non-represented librarian who met this criteria. The Review Board met and raised the following concerns about this process.

There are no documented policy guidelines upon which to conduct such a review

outside the scope of current guidelines. Also there had not been an official

announcement of the University adopting the new salary scale. It became clear

salary scale. It became clear that a peer review documents committee would need

to be appointed to revise the current C-9 document in view of this new policy.


C. There are many questions troubling the librarians at UCD and at the other UC

libraries regarding the peer review process and the implementation of the new

salary scale for the non represented librarians at the plateau steps and those at the

distinguished step. There may also be similar issues with the represented

librarians later in the year. Before the peer review process can start in the current

academic year these questions and concerns will need to be discussed and