LAUC-D Committee on Appointments, Promotions and Advancement (CAPA)

Annual Report 2004/2005



1. Membership:

Pat French (Chair), Head of Serials Department

Gail Nichols, (Vice-Chair/Chair Elect), Head of Access Services Department

Cory Craig, Physical Science and Engineering Library

Erin Murphy, Law Library

Mei-yun (Annie) Lin, Humanities/Social Science Reference



2. Activities:

The committee reviewed 22 salary action packets and prepared recommendations for the University Librarian, the Dean of the School of Law and the Dean of the School of Veterinary Medicine.  The board reviewed four recommendations for acceleration, three promotions and two no merit recommendations.  In addition, the committee reviewed six new appointments.


This was the first review year under the LAUC-D revised peer review documents entitled Performance Evaluation of Appointees Reviewed in the Librarian Series (PEARLS) dated August 2004.  It was also the first year using a new set of directions from the Office of the Vice-Provost for Academic Personnel which outline specific criteria for assessing accelerated merit and promotion recommendations.  These additional instructions were received in the form of a letter from the Vice-Provost during the summer of 2004 in response to the unusual number of accelerated packets submitted in 2003/2004.  The new instructions state that the review initiator must make a clear case for the exceptional circumstances that justify acceleration by indicating how the candidate’s record stands out from what is expected for normal advancement.  CAPA found this new guideline to be helpful in assessing recommendations for acceleration.



3. Actions Considered:


            Promotion:                                                                    3

            Career Status:                                                               0                                             

            One-step Merit:                                                            15

            Non-action Plateau:                                                      0

            Acceleration:                                                                4

            No Increase:                                                                 2

            Change of Review Initiator’s Recommendations:            3

            Appointments:                                                              6

            Deferrals:                                                                      0

            Disqualifications:                                                           0



Submitted August 12, 2005

Pat French