LAUC-D Research Committee Report

for September 2003-August 2004



Committee Members


Daniel Goldstein, Chair (2003-2005)

Barbara Hegenbart, Vice-Chair, Chair Elect (2003-2005)

Katherine Chambers, Member (2002-2004)

Daryl Morrison, Member (2003-2005) 


Research Projects Funded


Ted Sibia, $1629.00  “Sikh Pioneer Projects”


Funding was used to support travel to libraries in Berkeley, San Franciso, Portland, Oregon, and Jalandar, India as well as for supplies, translations and other expenses.  As a result of this grant, Ted has added new material to his Web site:


Status: Completed




Six grant applications were submitted for statewide funding this year.  All were reviewed and ranked by the local committee.  The chair then attended a meeting of statewide representatives to evaluate these proposals.  All were sent back for revision; they were re-submitted and re-reviewed by statewide committee members.  All were eventually approved for at least partial funding.  For a description of these grants, see:




The committee met several times during the year to try to discover additional ways encourage more research activity on the part of librarians.  Some ideas, generated late in the year, were regarded as worth exploring further by the succeeding committee.