LAUC-D Research Committee Report

for September 2002-August 2003



Committee Members


Rebecca Davis, Chair (2001-2003)

Dan Goldstein, Vice-Chair/Chair-Elect (2001-2003)

Juri Stratford, Member (2001-2003)

Katherine Chambers, Member (2002-2004)


Research Projects Funded


None funded.


Research Projects Submitted but Not Funded


1) Ted Sibia requested monies to purchase a digital camera to take out of the country while working on his LAUC-D funded research project. After discussion with library administration, it was agreed that Ted could use the older library-owned digital camera for international travel if he first produced documentation outlining the regulations regarding the movement of the camera internationally and completed an equipment removal form. He was in agreement with this and withdrew his application.


2) Michael Colby applied for monies to purchase a transcription machine for use with an oral history project. The committee thought the project wasa good one, but referred Michael to the Special Collections Department, which agreed to let him use their transcription machine.As of September 2003, it is not clear that this is working as expected. The library-owned machine is in need of repair. Due to its age, it might be worthwhile to purchase a new transcription machine for Michaelís use for his project. Afterwards the machine can be housed in the Systems or Special Collection Departments.


LAUC Statewide Research Funding Process


The LAUC-D Research Committee reviewed and made recommendations for the funding of 3 research proposals. The Chair participated in the statewide Research Committee meeting via conference call on March 3, 2003 to further discuss and participate in the final funding decisions.


LAUC-D Authorís Event


The event was held on July 9, 2003 at Shields Library. The purpose of the event was to highlight the LAUC-D funded research of 4 librarians: Ted Sibia, Mary Wood, Buzz Haughton and Nancy Kushigian. The LAUC-D Program Committee made the arrangements for the space, paid for refreshments and advertised. The LAUC-D Research Committee handled the program. Approximately 20 people attended the program, which was well-received.


Increase in Mini-Grant Funding


At a meeting on February 28, 2003, the committee decided to increase the mini-grant amount from $200 to $450. The reason for the increase is to encourage applicants by allowing them to complete the fairly simple application form required for a mini-grant and to more realistically reflect current costs.


Promotion of Research


The local committee discussed ways in which we might promote research. The following ideas were suggested; though not implemented:



Suggested Ideas for 2003-2004


The committee will implement the research promotion ideas generated last year; participate again in the statewide funding process; and review local proposals.


Consideration should be given to sending part of the committee files (1995-99?) to Special Collections for the LAUC-D archives.


Research grants awarded in 2003-2004 should be added to the list of grants awarded on the LAUC-D web page.


Follow up with M. Colby regarding the transcription machine.