LAUC-D Research Committee Report

for September 2001-August 2002



Committee Members


Rebecca Davis, Chair (2001-2003)

Dan Goldstein, Vice-Chair/Chair-Elect (2001-2003)

Juri Stratford, Member (2001-2003)

Mike Winter, Member (2000-2002)



Research Projects Funded


1) Mary Wood, $1614.00. “Animal Alternatives in Education: A Reference Guide.”


Funding was used for the data collection portion of the preparation of a book chapter. Monies were to extend attendance at a conference attended by international members of the animal alternatives community; and to pay a student assistant to identify resources. Some of the resources are available on a web site at


Status: Completed


2) Ted Sibia, $1179.00. “Imperial Valley Sikh and Muslim Pioneers.”


Funding was used for trips to the Bancroft and Southeast libraries at UC Berkeley; trips to the Gadar Memorial Library in San Francisco; a trip to the Imperial Valley in southern California; and for copying, scanning and telephone expenses. The additional material has been added to the web site at The author was also invited to present information on the project at a conference entitled, “Reclaining the Legacy: a Conference on Asian-Americans and Pacific Islanders in U.S. History”, in May 2002.


Status: Completed


3) David Michalski, $548.00. “Nineteenth Century Guidebooks Online: Project Feasibility Study”.


Funding was requested for costs associated with trips to the Bancroft Library at UC Berkeley, San Francisco Public Library, and the California Historical Society; and for photocopying.


Status: Completed

LAUC Statewide Research Funding Process


The LAUC-D Research Committee reviewed and made recommendations for the funding of 9 research proposals. The Chair attended the statewide Research Committee meeting on February 20, 2002 to further discuss and participate in the final funding decisions.


Promotion of Research


The local committee discussed ways in which we might promote research. The following ideas were suggested; though not implemented:



Plans for 2002-2003


The committee will implement the research promotion ideas generated last year; participate again in the statewide funding process; and review local proposals.


The author’s event will be considered.