LAUC-D Research Committee

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UC, Davis LAUC-D Research Committeee

Annual Report: 2000-2001

Committee members: Nancy Kushigian, Chair (1999-2001), Rebecca Davis, Vice-chair (1999-2001), Chair (2002-2004), Michael Winter (2000-2002), Mary Wood

The local Research Committee met several times and considered two local research proposals during this academic year. The following proposals were funded here at Davis:

-Nancy Kushigian: Scottish Women Romantic Poets: An Electronic Anthology (Forthcoming, Alexander Street Press, Dec 2001) -- $3,200.00. The funds were used to hire student research assistants and xml taggers. (Nancy Kushigian recused herself from committee discussions and decisions concerning her own proposal.)

-Ted Sibia: Gadar Leaders -- $631.00. The funds were used to cover travel expenses for research.

The LAUC-D Research Committee also reviewed and submitted a statewide grant proposal from Opritsa Popa: Unlawful Souvenirs: On Manuscripts Removed from Occupied Germany, 1945, which was approved by the statewide LAUC Research and Professional Development Committee for the amount of $1944.00 (maintaining Davisís perfect appoval-rate at the statewide level!).

In addition to reading and funding these grant applications, the Research Committee received reports from Ted Sibia, Sandra Lamprecht, and Nancy Kushigian in this fiscal year. These are posted on the LAUC-D website.

Congratulations to grant recipients. All LAUC-D members are encouraged to consider submitting proposals in the coming year. Committee members are happy to talk with applicants about ideas before you write them up, and to review proposals before you submit them.


Nancy Kushigian,

August 21, 2001†††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††