LAUC-D Program Committee

Report 1998/99

The committee presented the following programs; attendance is given in


Fall Reception (35)

October 29th, Jo Anne Boorkman's home

Jane Kimball: Her Research on Libraries in Wales (50)

January 12th, Library Instruction

Update at the Law Library (40)

February 18th, 9:30am, Law Library

Beverlee French: Her transition and Experiences at the CDL (40)

April 22nd, 3pm, First Floor Conference Room

Jane Kimball: Retirement reception (50)

June 3rd, 10am, Library Instruction Room

All programs were successful and well attended. Committee members did an

excellent job, and everyone contributed to the committee's work in

organizing speakers and helping with the set up and refreshments.

The committee began work on a program to bring a speaker from UCSD to talk

about the UCSD Database Advisor. This idea was incorporated into a

library sponsored workshop.

The committee needs to begin working very quickly, because the Fall

Reception, which occurs in the early fall, is our first event and usually

requires the most preparation of all the programs. It is good to appoint

the other members to this committee as soon as possible.

Future program suggestions:

A program on the instructional programs in California's library schools

was suggested by Buzz Haughton and was well received by the LAUC-D

Executive Board and the Committee. We didn't have time to pursue it. It

was suggested that local SLA, Sac State and Sac City librarians be


Continue to ask recipients of LAUC-D research projects to present programs

on their research. Jane's talk on libraries in Wales is an example of


Library updates. This was popular.

Copyright Issues. This could be jointly undertaken with the Teaching

Resources Center and/or the Academic Senate.


Committee membership:

Gail Nichols, Chair

Jerry Thompson, Vice-Chair, Chair-Elect

Erin Murphy

Susan Casement