LAUC-D Program Committee Annual Report 2005/2006



The LAUC-D Program Committee members for 2005-2006 were:


Chair: Xiaoli Li
Vice-Chair/Chair-Elect: Adam Siegel
Committee Members: Carolyn Kopper, Sheila Cunningham



The committee had a busy but successful year.  The committee sponsored a total of eight programs, covering topics from academic reference skill development, fundamental changes of library services (mindset), the popular reference tool “Wikipedia”, poetry readings, medical use of chocolate (coca), to more social events such as the LAUC-D Fall Reception. This year, the committee also resurrected the practice of organizing post-ALA reporting sessions. The details of each activity are provided below (in chronological order):


October 2005:  The traditional librarians’ welcome reception was held at Jo Anne Boorkman’s house. Three new librarians were introduced.


November 2005:  A research forum was co-sponsored with the LAUC-D Research Committee. At the meeting, participants discussed the process of preparing posters and publications.  How to apply for local and system-wide LAUC research funding was discussed as well.


January 2006:  Dr. Jennifer Sweeney presented the findings of her PhD dissertation research project. The title of the presentation was “Exploring Excellence in Academic Reference Practice: A Holistic Look at Skill Development.”


February 2006:  The brown bag event “Reporting on ALA Midwinter” drew more than 20 librarians.


March 2006:  The committee sponsored the “Chocolate!” program. Deanna Pucciarelli, a
doctoral candidate in the Nutrition Department at UC Davis and a member of Professor Louis Grivetti's Mars Team, gave a presentation. The event consisted of three activities: the presentation, chocolate tasting, and tour of Special Collections to view a number of rare items related to chocolate.


April 2006:  Rick Anderson delivered a well-received speech “Always a River, Sometimes a Library.” The presentation was a big hit. The feedback on the program was very positive.


June 2006:  Phoebe Ayers of UC Davis’ Physical Sciences Library, one of the early participants in the Wikipedia development, shared her insights about the product during her presentation “Wikipedia: Past, Present and Future.”  In addition, a joint program with the General Library Committee on Diversity was held in the Shields library for the campus community. Author, actor, and retired librarian Ms. Hiroshi Kashiwagi was invited to talk about his book Swimming in the American.


July 2006:  The “Report on ALA Annual Meeting” was an interesting event. People shared not only their experience with the meeting, but also their experience in New Orleans.