LAUC D Program Committee Summary 2004-2005

David Michalski (8/16/05)


Committee members:

David Michalski, Chair.

Xiaoli Li, Vice Chair

Carolyn Kopper

Kathy Stroud



Fall Reception: The Fall reception was held at the home of Linda Kennedy on Tuesday Oct. 26th, 2004. The event was well attended. Linda was a gracious host.


Library as Field:

Once a month, (on Fridays between 2:00 and 3:30PM in the Shields Library Instruction Lab) the LAUC-D Program Committee sponsored talks and discussions on different conceptions and uses of "The Library".

See Library as Field poster.



Here is a general overview of expenses. The catering was done with the campus service caterers, Sodexho, primarily for convenience sake. We found that $100 dollars was the minimum charge for free delivery and clean up. A small additional amount of approximately $50 was spent on cookies, soft drinks and paper products for the fall reception. Linda Kennedy provided wine. These expenses are not included.

 The breakdown of major expenses for LAUC-D 2004-2005 programs was:


Fall reception for new librarians,

Catering:                     $350.13

Library as field (Jan. 28), Mei-Yun Annie Lin,

Catering:                          $143.75

Library as field (Feb. 25)  Georges Van Den Abbeele           

Catering $105.75

Library as field (Mar. 18) Candace Falk and Berry Pateman

Catering                                $100.70

Honorarium to Candace Falk $100.00

Library as field (Apr. 15)  Susan Hildreth

Catering                                $119.50

Library as field (May 27) Douglas O. Adams

Catering                                  $103.70


Total                                                                $1023.53


Note: This committee worked very hard and made the organization of these successful and well attended events run smoothly.