Report 2001/2002


The Committee presented the following programs:


Fall Reception: November 7, 2001 at Joanne Boorkman’s home; introduced Cory Craig, Mei-Yun (Annie) Lin, Ruth Gustafson; Barbara Hegenbart was absent; 22 attendees


Lunch & Chat: January 28, 2002 at Orange Hut; topic was sharing info from mid-winter conferences; 15 attendees


“Online Learning”: February 27, 2002; Dr. Barbara Sommer, UCD Psychology Dept. & Dr. Blanche Wools, Director of the SJSU Library School; 20 attendees


“Chat Reference & MEDLINE Plus”: March 20, 2002; Ken Firestein and Lisa Jerant showed a live demo of a chat reference interaction; Lisa then gave an in-depth look at what is available at MEDLINE Plus; 12 attendees


Lunch & Chat: May 1, 2002at Carlson Health Sciences Library to learn about the construction and expansion planned for that side of campus; 12 attendees



Those attending enjoyed all programs. The late start of the Committee’s events was due to the fact that full membership of the Committee did not occur until October. Perhaps, since the Chair and Vice-Chair are usually known by June, they could start planning the Fall Reception earlier? The move to ALEPH and its attendant training and meeting workload affected attendance at some of the programs and contributed to the lack of any more events in May/June 2002.


Future program ideas:

Authors’ reception at Shields showcasing writings by librarians (similar to the faculty event).