ANNUAL REPORT -- 1999/2000


Committee Members:

Ken Firestein

Sandra Lamprecht, Chair

Susan Llano

John Skarstad

Mary Wood, Vice Chair


The LAUC-D Professional Issues Committee had a busy year and was given several issues to investigate and make recommendations on by the LAUC-D Executive Board. We met several times as well as conducted committee business via e-mail throughout the year. The specific issues addressed and our recommendations were the following:

  1. Identification of Digital Library Educational and Training Needs of UC Librarians. PIC was asked to provide suggestions for mechanisms by which the CDL Educational Working Group (EWG) could adequately ascertain some of the important digital library educational and training needs of UC librarians. Our recommendations included: 1) establishing a focus group of reference and instructional librarians in order to adequately identify our new informational needs. 2) obtaining input from appropriate bodies (e.g., EISAC and RIO). 3) gathering input from systemwide bibliographer groups. 4) developing a questionnaire to be sent to individual librarians. 5) holding one or more workshops with the purposes of instructing librarians on the newest technology and providing a forum for an information exchange of new ideas.
  2. Examination of LAUC Position Paper No. 1 "Criteria for Appointment or Promotion to the Ranks of Associate Librarian and Librarian and Advancement to Librarian Step V". PIC was given the task to look at LAUC Position Paper No. 1 to determine whether LAUC-D would like to recommend to the Statewide LAUC Executive Committee that there be a full re-examination of this Paper. (The Position Paper was originally adopted in 1978 and the latest revision was made in 1989.) PIC asked Terri Malmgren, LAUC-D Representative to the LAUC Statewide Professional Governance Committee, to join us in the consideration of this issue. PIC recommended that LAUC Position Paper No. 1 be fully re-examined. We believe that a decrease in the librarian workforce combined with an increase in the range of depth and breadth of knowledge required to perform primary job responsibilities including the major new impact of technology and the web warrant this detailed re-examination of LAUC Position Paper No. 1. PIC also recommended that the criteria with regard to advancement to the Distinguished Librarian Step (currently Librarian V) be re-examined in order to seek to insure a uniform interpretation of the criteria for promotion for all librarians within the UC System.
  3. LAUC-D Member Web Pages. PIC was asked to look into the issue of having a LAUC-D member presence on the Library Web site. We recommended that the LAUC-D Secretary be the authorized person to approve LAUC-D web accounts. We also recommended that a listing of LAUC-D members be located somewhere within the Library Home Page. LAUC-D members could then link a personal web page to their name on the list if so desired. We thought that the "Library Directories" page on the "About the Libraries" page would be a good location for this LAUC-D librarian list.