August 9, 2005



TO:                  Robert Heyer-Gray

                        Chair, LAUC Davis


FROM:             Sandy Vella

                        Chair, LAUC Davis Professional Issues Committee


2004/2005 LAUCD Professional Issues Final Report


The LAUC Davis Professional Issues Committee was charged by the LAUC-D Executive Board to make recommendations on developing a program, or a series of LAUC-D sponsored activities, to promote the recruitment of UC Davis graduates, undergraduates and library staff to the library profession.


The Committee decided to focus its energy this year in participating in the Internship and Career Center’s annual Pathways Career Symposium which was a day long event to educate UC Davis graduate students on career options available to them.  We created a panel of librarians (Jared Campbell, Ruth Gustafson, Cary O’Keeffe and Erin Murphy) to share information on the variety of types of librarian positions available and the diversity of work environments open to librarians. The panel also discussed educational requirements for the profession and the online and in person options available to acquire the necessary Masters degree. The symposium occurred on May 14 at Wellman Hall and approximately eight people participated in an engaging discussion with the library panel.  The librarians present felt that it was a successful endeavor and worthy of future participation.


The LAUC-D Executive Board, after hearing about the event, recommended that

LAUC-D participate in 2005/2006 in the Internship and Career Center’s Pathways Career Symposium.  It also suggested that we do a similar program for library staff and library student workers in winter quarter 2006.


I would like to thank all members of the Professional Issues Committee, the interested LAUCD members who helped the committee, and our panel presenters for a job well done.



Professional Issues Committee:

Sandy Vella, Chair

Karleen Darr, LAUCD Vice president and ex-officio member

Pat Durkin

Deanna Johnson,

Erin Murphy


Other LAUCD members who assisted:

Melissa Browne

Rebecca Davis

Ruth Gustafson