September 6, 2002



Professional Activities Committee  (PAC)

2001/2002 Annual Report


PAC Members

Bob Heyer-Gray, Chair

Sandy Vella, Vice-Chair/Chair- Elect

Katherine Chambers

John Sherlock


For 2001/02:

            Number of represented librarians:  37

            Number of non-represented librarians: 12


Total PAC funding allocated for 2001/2002 was $28,175.00, a 9.8% increase above 2000/01 funding.  The funds were divided as follows:         


Represented Total Funding:  $21,275.00

            Non-represented Total Funding:  $6,900.00


The initial allocation for each librarian for the year was $575.00.  During the year the following reimbursements were made:


            Represented:  $13,676.39 (31 librarians)

            Non-represented:  $5,136.80 (9 librarians)


At the end of the fiscal year the unexpended funds were distributed to cover unreimbursed expenses using the standard formula for reimbursement based on level of participation in professional activities.


Funding remaining for unreimbursed expenses:


            Represented:  $7,598.61

            Non-represented:  $1,763.20


This was not enough to cover all requested expenses as follows:


            Represented:  $1,978.58 (9 librarians)

            Non-represented:  $4,035.00 (5 librarians)


Respectfully submitted,


Bob Heyer-Gray, Chair

September 6, 2002