Professional Activities Committee

1999/2000 Report


Budget summary:

Non-represented librarians 1999/00 PAC allocation: $6,397.

Represented Librarians 1999/00 PAC allocation: $16,203.

The amount of money available to each librarian through LAUCD Professional

Activities Committee funds in 1999/2000 was $500.00 per person. Each

librarian who submitted receipts for up to $500.00 in approved travel

could expect to receive immediate reimbursement. This amount was more

than previous budgets, which in recent years has been $300.00 for each

librarian. The additional amount in the 1999/2000 funds supplemented LAUC

Professional Activities funds specified in the Memorandum of Understanding

(MOU) in effect through June, 2000, which allocated a minimum of

$11,700.00 for represented librarians at UC Davis.

Summary of Professional Development/Travel and Funding for Non-Represented


PAC allocation: $6,397.

Librarians who submitted requests: 11

Balance remaining for end of year distribution: $1019.63

Eleven non-represented librarians requested and used PAC funds and

received their $500.00 reimbursement. The end of year balance available

for redistribution was $1019.63. Six of the librarians from this group

submitted receipts for travel which exceeded the amount reimbursed through

either PAC funds or Department Head funds in an amount totaling $6,633.83

in non reimbursed travel expenses. End of year funds were allocated

according to the long-established formula. Following end of year

distributions, the librarians in this group absorbed $5,614.46 of their

travel expenses. Per person amounts of unreimbursed travel expenses

ranged from about $500. to roughly $1500.

Summary of Travel and Funding for Represented Librarians:

PAC allocation: $16,203.

Librarians who submitted requests: 22

Balance remaining for end of year distribution: $6857.26

Twenty-two of the represented librarians traveled using PAC funds. Since

many of the represented librarians did not fully use all of their

allocated $500.00 this year, there was enough money left over for end of

year distribution to cover all expenses for represented librarians for

fiscal year 1999/00.

LAUC members have greatly appreciated the additional funds for travel this

year and hope to continue to make use of more generous funding. Funding

for travel and participation in professional activities enables greater

participation by librarians in activities outside of the University of

California and enables greater opportunities for professional growth

within the profession and within one's job. The fact that not all

librarians made use of PAC funds during this fiscal year may have been due

to the late notification and announcement of the additional funding which

may not have provided sufficient time for librarians to plan their

professional activities for the year. Funding for Administrative travel

provided opportunities for many librarians to attend workshops, meetings

and training sessions that enhance their job expertise. For example,

transportation expenses to attend the Best Practices in Reference and

Instruction workshop provided the means for many librarians to participate

in a valuable workshop.



Submitted by,

Professional Activities Committee, 1999/2000

Marcia Meister, Chair

Katherine Chambers

Mary Eldredge, Vice-Chair/Chair-Elect

John Ward