August 15, 2006


To:  Karleen Darr

Chair, LAUC-D


Copy:  Diana King, LAUC-D Web Manager


From: Daryl Morrison

Professional Activities Committee, Chair



Annual Report for Professional Activities Committee 2005-2006



I wish to thank the committee members this year:  Annie Lin, Vice Chair, Chair elect, Jared Campbell and Sarah Gardner.


The committee or its officers held approximately ten meetings throughout the year.  The committee was charged to review the impact of a new University travel system, “My Travel,” and its impact on the distribution of year-end funds. The committee surveyed how other UC’s allocated PAC travel funds.  We discussed varying options as to how we might proceed.  Although we were told the travel system would be tested in early spring of 2006, it was not tested and implemented until mid summer of 2006. 


The committee officers met with Debbie Ojakangas and George Bynon to garner as much information as we could.  A February 3, 2006 report to the chair of LAUC-D Board laid out our findings and options.  (Attached).  The committee was also asked to work with the Research Committee to determine if a recommendation discussed last year should move forward that would consider moving funds from Research to PAC funding. Because the impact of the new travel system was not known, the PAC Committee and the Research Committee determined that questions about how Research and PAC might interact should be set aside until more was known about the new travel system. 


The PAC chair reported to the Spring General Membership Meeting as to our preliminary understanding about the travel system and its potential impact.  On August 8, 2006 Karleen Darr, chair of LAUC-D, Sandra Vella, incoming chair, Daryl Morrison, Chair of PAC, Annie Lin, incoming PAC chair, met with AUL George Bynon and Administrative Assistant Debbie Ojakangas and determined that PAC could continue to distribute year-end funds, if the committee took on a greater record keeping role (as had been done in the past).  Two options were reviewed as described in the February 3, 2006 report, Option 1 the “Mirror Tracking System” and Option 2 the “Larger Allocations the Following Year.” 


These options were discussed at an August 9, 2006 LAUC Executive Board Meeting and it was determined that PAC would present the Mirror Tracking System to the membership at the August 16th, General Board Meeting.  The incoming PAC committee met with Daryl Morrison, the outgoing chair on August 15, 2006 to review changes, activities, and policies that would need to be in place next year.  Essentially, the administration and the new travel system will track each librarian’s allocation until it is spent out with receipts going to the administration.  After a librarian has used up their annual travel allocation, reports and receipts would go to the PAC Committee for consideration for year-end funding.  Next year will be a transition test year for the PAC Committee taking on these record keeping activities.


Respectfully submitted: Daryl Morrison