September 1, 2005


LAUC-D Professional Activities Committee (PAC)

2004-2005 Report


PAC Members: Jerry Thompson (Chair), Daryl Morrison (Vice-Chair/Chair-Elect), Katherine Chambers, and Jared Campbell


For 2004/05:

            Number of represented librarians:  39

            Number of non-represented librarians: 11


Total PAC funding allocated for 2004/2005 was $30,000.00, a 2% increase above 2003/04 funding of $29, 400.00.  The funds were divided as follows:


Represented Total Funding:  $23,400.00

            Non-represented Total Funding:  $6,600.00


The initial allocation for each librarian for the year was $600.00.  During the year the following reimbursements were made:


            Represented:  $14,336.62 (28 librarians)

            Non-represented:  $6,600.00 (11 librarians)


At the end of the fiscal year the unexpended funds were distributed to cover expenses that were unreimbursed using the standard formula for reimbursement based on the level of participation in professional activities (that is, a) 50% for chair, organizer, speaker, etc.; b) 25% for committee member, etc.; and c) 15% for observer, listener, etc.) .


Funding remaining for unreimbursed expenses:


            Represented:  $9,063.38

            Non-represented:  $0,000.00


This was not enough to cover the total reduced unreimbursed expenses as follows:


            Non-represented:  $1,351.43 (5 librarians)


The responsibilities that this committee fulfills have been greatly reduced since I was last chair in 1997-1998.  The committee is no longer required to meet in June with calculators in hand to decide upon the coefficient for the total reduced reimbursements from the left-over year-end funds and to check and recheck via multiple calculations and re-calculations the end-of-year reimbursements.  As a matter of fact, unless there are new policy decisions to be made, there seems to be little reason to have a committee. This year there was a possibility of deciding on changing or increasing the reimbursements, if the Research Committee's proposal (to cover PAC's unreimbursed expensees with Research funds) had gone through. Unfortunately, it wasn't approved by the LAUC-D membership. So we didn't need to meet. The primary functions that the Chair of the committee performs are verifying librarians' professional development participation levels, signing PAC travel expenses forms and returning those forms as quickly as possible to Library Administration. During the new fiscal year, the database for handling travel expenses and reimbursements is due to change. How thoses changes will impact PAC are yet to be seen. There may yet be a need for the complete committee.


Respectfully submitted,

Jerry Thompson, Chair (2004/2005)