Professional Activities Committee (PAC)

2003/2004 Annual Report


July 2004


PAC Members: 

Cory Craig, Chair

Jerry Thompson Vice-Chair/Chair-Elect
Katherine Chambers
Jared Campbell



For 2003/2004:


            Number of represented librarians:  38

            Number of non-represented librarians:  11


The per capita amount is determined based on the number of General Library represented librarians eligible to use the fund as specified by the UC AFT contract.  The 2003/04 initial allocation for each librarian, based on the contract amount was $525.  This amount was increased to $600 per librarian by Library Administration.


Represented Librarian Total Funding:  $22,800

Non-Represented Librarian Total Funding:  $6,600


During the year, the following reimbursements were made:


            Represented Librarians:  $15,075.70

            Non-Represented Librarians:  $6,504.44


At the end of the fiscal year, the unexpended funds were distributed to cover unreimbursed expenses using the standard formula for reimbursement based on level of participation in professional activities. 


Fund balances remaining for unreimbursed expenses:


            Represented:  $7,724.30

            Non-Represented:  $95.56


Actual unreimbursed expenses:


            Represented:  $17,368.23

            Non-Represented:  $5,374.58


Respectfully submitted,



Cory Craig, Chair

2003/04 Professional Activities Committee