Nominations and Elections Committee

Annual Report for 2005/2006

Bernadette Swanson, Chair


Bernadette Swanson (Chair), Melissa Browne, Elaine Franco, Kathy Stroud, Sandra Vella (ex-officio).

I would like to thank Sandra Vella and Elaine Franco for their ongoing support and advice to the committee and chair. Thank you to Kathy Stroud for stepping in and covering the election.

The committee first met on Feb.22, 2006 to review the bylaws and discuss possible candidates for appointment/election.

The committee met twice in March to begin preparations on the slate. The committee was very successful in finding people willing to run for office or volunteer for appointments. The committee chair kept a list of people interested in the open positions.

The committee chair announced the call for nominations at the LAUC-D General Membership meeting on March 2nd.

On March 13, 2006, the chair emailed an announcement to the LAUC-D list with an attached form indicating open positions on the LAUC-D committees. Nominations and expressions of interest were requested by Tuesday, March 28, 2006. After the nomination deadline passed, the committee met to prepare an official ballot.

In late April the chair received notification of the Statewide election ballots and candidate statements. The committee met on May 4, 2006 to assemble ballots, which were distributed the following day.

The LAUC-D election was held in conjunction with the LAUC statewide election on Wednesday, June 7, 2006. The Committee met on June 8, 2006 to count ballots.

Attached documents:

LAUC-D Election Appointment Opportunities, 2006-07

LAUC-D and Statewide Nominations Ballot, 2006-7

LAUC-D Election Results, 2006