Librarians Association of the University of California

UC-Davis Nominations & Elections Committee

2002/03 Annual Reports


Committee Members:

Mei-Yun (Annie) Lin (Chair); Susan Llano; John Skarstad; Terri Malmgren


Submitted to: Ms. Patricia (Patsy) Inouye – Chair of LAUC-Davis




           I.     2003 Elections Result:


Vice-Chair/Chair Elect:

  Robert (Bob) Heyer-Gray     (40 votes)--------- Elected



  Diana King      (39 votes)---------- Elected


Nominations & Elections Committee: 

  Daryl Morrison   (38 votes) --------- Elected Chair

  Susan Llano        (36 votes)----------Elected Members-at-large

  Elaine Franc         (32 votes)----------Elected Members-at-large


Professional Activities Committee:

  Jerry Thompson   (38 votes)-------- Elected Vice-Chair/Chair-Elect

  Katherine Chambers   (39 votes)-----Elected Member-at-large


Professional Issues Committee:

  Sandy Vella   (36 votes)---------Elected Vice-Chair/Chair-Elect

  Gail Nichols   (34 votes)---------Elected Member-at-large

  Corey Craig   (1 vote)-----Write-in candidate

  Nancy Kushigian   (1 vote)---Write-in candidate


Program Committee:

  David Michalski   (36 votes)-------Elected Vice-Chair/Chair-Elect


Academic Personnel Action Review Board:

  John Ward   (32 votes)---------Elected Vice-Chair/Chair-Elect

  David Michalski (1 vote)-------Write-in candidate

  Carolyn Kopper   (1 vote)-------Write-in candidate

  Katherina (Kathy) Lin   (1 vote)--Write-in candidate


Research Committee:

  Barbara Hegenbart   (36 votes)-------Elected Vice-Chair/Chair Elect





LAUC Systemwide Offices:


  Vice President/President:  Terence K. Huwe   (37 votes)

  Secretary:                 Barbara Schader   (18 votes)

Donald Barclay    (14 votes)

Corliss Lee     (5 votes)


         II.     Summary of Committee Activities:


a.      Annie attended all the LAUC-D Executive Board meetings in 2002/03. 

b.     Four Committee Meetings were held in the spring during this year.

c.      The members had a brainstorming session on potential nominees in the first two Committee Meetings; then, Susan sent an announcement calling for volunteer.

d.     Approximately two weeks after, most of election slats were filled; then, each member took a list of potential nominees to call for running the unfilled slats.  By the earlier part of May, all the election slats were filled.    

e.      Annie consulted with Leslie Young for the current librarians list, with Diana King for the LAUC Systemwide ballots information; then, Annie made a librarians’ group list for email use.

f.      Annie gave a report on the election slates on May 27, 2003 at LAUC-D General Membership meeting. 

g.      Susan & Annie worked to get ballots and mailing supplies ready, and stuffed the election documents in the envelopes.  A total of 58 envelopes were mailed on June 5, 2003 and an election announcement was sent to the members on June 6, 2003. 

h.     Followed by a couple of reminder email messages, a total of 40 envelopes were returned.  On July 3, 2003, Susan and Annie counted the ballots.  Then, Annie sent out an announcement for the 2003 Election results on July 7, 2003.

i.       The committee thanked Susan’s guidance during this year.  She was the Chair of this committee last year.  With her great record keeping skills, willingness to help, and experience, we enjoyed the smooth operation this year.  Annie really appreciated.    


       III.     Committee Members’ Recommendations for 2003/04:


a.      Reminding executive board members to appoint two members in the early fall for 2003/04 Nominations & Elections Committee. 

b.     Keeping record of volunteers for next year’s election. 


       IV.     Attachments:


Announcement to the members

a.      Calling for volunteers

b.     Election call

c.      Election ballot package

d.     2003 LAUC-D Election Results



*************** Written by Mei-Yun (Annie) Lin ***************