Nominations Committee

September 10, 2004


Final Report for 2003-2004


Daryl Morrison, Chair


The Nominations Committee consisted of

Daryl Morrison, Chair, Melissa Brown, Elaine Franco, Bob Heyer-Gray (ex-officio), and Susan Llano.


Annie Lin as past chair also was helpful in advising the committee chair.


The committee met on March 4, 2004 to review the bylaws and the procedures for holding LAUC elections.


The committee chair created a call for nominations and self-nominations.  This was sent out as an e-mail on April 1, 2004.  Several messages were sent reminding people, and there was a good response for volunteers.


The committee met to review the nominations and to recommend others who might serve.  Committee members polled individuals as to their willingness to serve.  The Committee met to develop a final ballot.


A ballot was created including the statewide-election nominees.    The ballot was presented at the general meeting on May 5, 2004.  Nominations were taken from the floor. (There were none).


The ballot was sent to the LAUC-D members on May 17, 2004, with the election ending on June 10, 2004.  Susan Llano and Melissa Browne counted the ballots.  The count was submitted to the LAUC-D chair and secretary for submission to the statewide LAUC.



Special Collections (Daryl Morrison) and the Law Library (Susan Llano) provided supplies in the form of paper, labels, and envelopes to support the work of the committee.  There were also supplies left over from the previous year.  At some point, a Committee chair may need to have a small budget to order supplies for the ballot.




Because of the complication of officers being elected or appointed on different years, the ballot is somewhat complicated.  The format for ballots and envelopes is also quite proscribed.  The committee was lucky to have Susan Llano serve for several years.  She had an understanding of past procedures and was able to review these with the new committee chair.  The committee chair according to the by-laws is the person that has the most votes.  Therefore, it is can be someone who never served on the committee before.  It is typical that new people end up on this committee (which is appropriate, as it is not a heavy load and provides an avenue to get involved in LAUC).  However, some continuing knowledge is needed.     It is recommend that there be a vice chair, chair-elect, so that there can be some continuity of knowledge for the procedures.  This would require a by-laws change.