LAUC-D Meeting April 25, 2001 Minutes


Present:  K Firestein (chair), C. Kopper, M. Sharrow, G. Nichols, M. Appel, A. Lin, R. Castro, P. French, N. Kushigian, E. Franco, G. Bynon, K. Kocher, B. Heyer-Grey, P. Iouye, H. Rocke, M. Wood, M. Eldredge, K. Darr, M. Meister, S. Vella, B. Haughton, J. Sherlock, L. Kennedy, M. Winter, K. Andrews, J. Thompson, C. Howard B. Hegenbart, D. Goldstein (recorder).


1.      Minutes of previous meeting amended and  adopted.


2. K. Firestein made the following announcements.

a.UC Davis will host the statewide LAUC Fall Assembly.  Date to be announced.

b. A committee is being appointed for this year's Distinguished Librarian Award.  Committee members include. Carol LaRussa, Rafael Castro, George Bynon as well as a representative from the Senate Library Committee and one at-large member.  Once formed, the committee will receive confidential nominations for the award.  Funds for the award will come will come out of the annual budget.


3. L. Kennedy introduced Barbara Hegenbart the new Agricultural Resources Librarian.  Myra Appel introduced Mei-yun Annie Lin the new East Asia Librarian.


4. M. Sharrow discussed the following:

The interview process for senior campus administrators.

A Date change for the talk by Bob Strand on Campus Architecture

A successful Library Dinner the previous evening with guest Murray Fowler.

Successful library presence on Picnic Day


5. K Darr reported the following about Picnic Day.

               772 people entered the library in the 2 hours it was open, others had to be turned away at 1:00

               Visitors had a self-guided tour featuring a multimedia presentation by Paul Zindel, a Brochure arranged by Ken Firestein, and a display from Special Collections set up by John Skarstad.  All were well received.  Darr thanked several people in addition to those mentioned above.  These included the 13 librarian and library staff volunteers, Lucia Maclean and Lee Riggs


In connection with this discussion it was noted that the Library link from the Campus's "Virtual Tour" is listed as "under construction."  It was suggested that P. Zindel's presentation might be installed there.


6. Mary Wood reported for the Professional Issues Committee on the issues of Libraries and Librarians of the Future.  (excluded from their charge were issues of recruitment and compensation).  Their topics were

a.       Who will be the new librarians?

b.      Will they need MLS degrees or not? 

c.      What skills and background do we expect of new librarians and where might these be acquired? 

d.      What can LAUC-D or Statewide LAUC do in this regard?


This report was followed by an extended discussion.  The main topics of which were:

a.       The issue of the value of the MLS for librarians and the meaning of equivalency in the standard job description phrase "MLS or equivalent?"

b.      The relative scarcity of truly entry-level positions in the profession.  Most job ads require candidates to have experience, but opportunities for new grads to obtain experience are few.

c.      The need for mentoring opportunities and internships for library students and new graduates.

d.      The difficulty, in some fields of finding candidates with appropriate subject expertise.

e.      The "ratcheting up" of the Library Assistants' tasks.

f.       Recruitment


The following ideas and suggestions were made during this discussion.

a.       Several people talked about mentoring of new librarians and internships to give Library School students and graduates professional experience.  A similar approach was suggested for Library Assistants to qualify them for Librarian positions.  A recurrent theme in this part of the discussion was that mentoring and related activities take a considerable amount of a librarian's time and energy.  This needs to be recognized so that a librarian realizes some tangible benefit in his or her career for the time committed to this work.

b.       It was suggested that the administration appoint a task force to study and perhaps develop an internship program.

c.        Others talked about the need (during and after the hiring process) to recognize the value of and give credit for candidates' non-library experience . (Academic and business experience, were stressed).

d.       Library positions should be structured in such a way as to allow for the hiring of promising, but inexperienced candidates who would have the opportunity and guidance to develop their skills on the job--perhaps an "internal internship" for the first year.

e.       Create positions for "Floater Librarians" who would work in several different departments, thereby developing a deeper understanding of the library as a whole.

f.        Improve the public profile of librarianship through more outreach and public presentations so as to encourage promising undergraduates to consider it as a career.

g.       Develop more creative and effective ways to encourage non-western candidates to consider general library positions, and to support them once they are hired.


Committee Reports:

N. Kushigian for Research Committee:  Some local money remains in budget.  Raised the issue of research

being conducted by intercampus groups.  Can LAUC-D fund such a program.  Several objections

were raised to local LAUC money going to support Librarians at other campuses.

                              The following approved grants were announced:

                              Sandy Lamprecht for her Vinland Map Bibliography Project

                              Ted Sibia to conduct interviews in India

                              Rafaela Castro to provide her the time to write "Disobedient Daughter"

                              Nancy Kushigian for her Scottish Women Poets project.


M. Eldredge for Professional Activities Committee:  Committee had explored how travel funds were allocated on other campuses.  They found two main differences among campuses.  1. The level of base funding available and 2. Most campuses do not rank requests according to level of participation, while a few, like Davis, do.


K. Andrews for the Peer Review Committee:  Committee work is almost complete.  Committee will develop a set of suggestions based on their experience on how to clarify and streamline the process.


K. Darr for the Program Committee: Next presentation will be John Skarstad's overview of recent additions to

Special Collections, scheduled for May 16.


Meeting adjourned.