Librarians Association of the University of California, Davis

General Membership Meeting

November 20, 2002

Approved with Additions


Present: Patsy Inouye (Chair), Marilyn Sharrow (University Librarian), Buzz Haughton (recorder), Cory Craig, Carol LaRussa, Jared Campbell, Jo Anne Boorkman, Gail Yokote, Ken Firestein, Pat French, Marcia Meister, Bob Heyer-Gray, Rebecca Davis, Ruth Gustafson, Nancy Kushigian, Karleen Darr, Karl Kocher, Sandy Vella, Annie Lin, George Bynon, Karen Andrews, Linda Kennedy


Chair Patsy Inouye called the meeting to order at 2:00 and noted that, due to the lack of  a quorum, this meeting would be informational only.


There was consensus that either Buzz Haughton or Diana King could post the minutes of the last General Membership Meeting as well as a draft of today’s minutes to LAUC-D members, giving them a chance to read both and make comments for change or addition to Diana. Once Diana has incorporated any additions or changes, the last General Membership Meeting minutes can be assumed to be correct and posted to the LAUC-D website.


University Librarian’s Report (Marilyn Sharrow): The Academic Senate Library Committee will meet soon; the new chair is Barbara Sutherland (Nutrition). Marilyn plans to have demonstrations of the new Harvest Catalog for the committee members. This is the tenth (review) year for UCD in WASC’s (Western Association of Schools and Colleges) cycle. The Educational Advisory Board for the medical school has proposed a new building at UCDMC; the first floor of this building is slated to be the new home of the Medical Center Library.


Chair Inouye announced that the LAUC-D website ( has been redesigned into an easy-to-use tabular format by the Secretary, Diana King. The roster of librarians will be added soon.


Chair Inouye remarked that the first LAUC Statewide Executive Board of the academic year 2002-2003 took place by conference call.


Chair Inouye distributed some LAUC-D committee annual reports. She mentioned that the Program Committee had sponsored a speaker on the topic of the “New Student Body”: its skills, interests and computer use.


Peer Review Documents Review Committee (Patsy Inouye): Chair Inouye noted that the committee has not met for about one-and-a-half years, due both to her crowded schedule and her belief that there was a lack of consensus among the committee’s members about how to proceed further. Ken Firestein remarked that he has prepared a single document addressing criteria for merit increases and promotion with pertinent references to applicable parts of the MOU for represented and the APM for unrepresented librarians. Chair Inouye asked the group if the membership wants the committee to continue and whether the Review Board has had problems with the present arrangement. C-9 (see refers only to the APM, not to the MOU. George Bynon expressed his view that it would be hard to have a document that addresses both represented and unrepresented. We are now in the third year of using two separate documents, and the Review Board has not, to the best of his knowledge, reported any unworkable problems with the current arrangement. George said that at least two other campuses have gone to the two-document model. Marcia Meister presented the Review Board’s annual report (2001-2002) in which she stated that the biggest problem besetting the Review Board was determining uniform criteria for the Distinguished step, but that using two documents was not particularly difficult.

The decision was made to (1) re-charge the committee, and (2) view the single document as centralized and workable.