Librarians Association of the University of California, Davis

General Membership Meeting

November 8, 2001


Present: Gail Nichols (Chair), Buzz Haughton (Secretary), Marilyn Sharrow, Myra Appel, Lisa Jerant, George Bynon, Michael Colby, Rafaela Castro, Cory Craig, Karen Andrews, Annie Lin, Opry Popa, Marcia Meister, Clint Howard, Juri Stratford, Patsy Inouye, Bob Heyer-Gray, Karl Kocher, Ruth Gustafson, Linda Kennedy, Mary Wood, John Sherlock, Nancy Kushigian, Elaine Franco, Sandy Vella, Hans Rocke


Chair Nichols called the meeting to order at 9:10 a.m.


The minutes of the June 6, 2001 general membership meeting were approved with one correction: In the line “Special Collections has received the Richard Romiger Papers”, Romiger should be spelled Rominger.


Announcements (Gail Nichols): Chair Nichols introduced Ruth Gustafson (Biological and Agricultural Sciences Reference Department) and Cory Craig (Physical Sciences and Engineering Library). Chair Nichols thanked the Program Committee for its work in putting on the Fall Reception. She reminded everyone of the upcoming Statewide LAUC Fall Assembly, to be held at UCD on Friday, November 16. Myron Okata will attend, and he can speak to matters like the budget for UC libraries in light of the recent economic downturn. Karl Kocher will be given the LAUCD Distinguished Librarian award; a celebration is planned for early next year.


University Librarian’s Report (Marilyn Sharrow): The new Provost, Virginia Hinshaw, gave an address at the Faculty Authors event at Shields. There were twelve excellent speakers. A Literary Dinner was held featuring AUL Clinton Howard, speaking on the Radical Pamphlets Collection in Special Collections. The Morley Group of Indianapolis has been hired by the library as a librarian recruitment firm; it is involved in eight of our librarian searches at present. The budget picture is worsening. There is talk of a budget and hiring freeze, but so far it is only rumor. George Bynon estimated that there will be a one-time cut to the University “in the six figures” followed by a “permanent” five-to-ten-percent cut in FY 2002-2003. The Office of the President will try to cushion the overall impact for the individual campuses. UC Merced groundbreaking will take place sometime next year. There will be a subcommittee of SLASIAC formed to consist of University Librarians to discuss how to structure largescale paper and electronic holdings. The Annex and the Special Collections overflow will soon move to a South Davis location, where there will be much greater space and more modern facilities.


In response to a query, Marilyn agreed to send a current list of members of the Academic Senate’s Library Committee to Buzz Haughton for posting on the LAUCD website.


Officer Reports:


Professional Activities Committee (Bob Heyer-Gray): PAC’s latest annual report is on the LAUCD website ( There was a 12-percent increase over the previous allotment in librarian professional activity funding in FY 2000-2001 at $575 per librarian.


Professional Issues Committee (Myra Appel): PIC had two charges: to look into University policy as it might relate to individual librarians’ webpages being linked to library webpages. The other charge was to facilitate discussion about recruiting and retraining new librarians new to the profession. PIC has researched University policy regarding use of University web space for librarians’ personal webpages. Insofar as librarians’ personal webpages have to do with professional development issues, they meet University policy limiting use of campus communication networks to “support and promote the mission of the University,” but that strictly personal pages unrelated to professional activities might not. In the latter case, PIC recommends that pages be linked to the library-approved professional webpage template with a simple highlighted button entitled “Personal Page” or “Personal Interests” without using a library server or UCD seals or logos. The second charge was discussed at length, expanding into discussion of the value of the MLS degree and the role subject expertise and advanced degrees played in the development of academic librarians. Several ideas emerged, among them the idea of mentoring. (The 2000-2001 PIC annual report is at:


Program Committee (Gail Nichols for Erin Murphy): The Picnic Day Open House went very well. The lunch chats have been lightly attended. There was a suggestion not to schedule these chats at the Silo due to the slow service there.


Research Committee (Nancy Kushigian): There is about $1,000 in the divisional budget. Requests for grant support to the divisional Research Committee may be turned in at any time.


Review Board (Karen Andrews): The Review Board had an extraordinarily large number of reviews to study last year, including those of some librarians whose ’99-’00 reviews were eligible for another review. Karen raised some questions that came up during the Review Board’s deliberations: What is the purpose of the Statement of Responsibility? Should librarians be encouraged to request redactions? What are the criteria for the Distinguished Step? The RB’s work was impeded by lack of the last in this list. Myra Appel mentioned that when she was at UCR librarians were encouraged to write statements of progress made, which helped them organize their arguments for merit increases and/or promotions.


Chair Nichols took Karen Andrews’ comments and passed them to Patsy Inouye, chair of the Peer Review Documents Review Committee (for whose work so far written down see: That committee’s work continues.


Mentoring of New Librarians (Gail Nichols): Chair Nichols mentioned that Karen Andrews has agreed to chair a mentoring committee. John Sherlock gave some of the highlights of the Librarian Recruitment and Retention Task Force (see Karen outlined several components of what a good mentoring program should encompass. Patsy Inouye stated her preference for more informal mentoring meetings, perhaps on a monthly basis. Ruth Gustafson drew on her experience at UCSD: tours of the campus libraries provided by the reference coordinators were quite successful. Annie Lin expressed her favor for brown-bag get-togethers and mentioned that as a comparatively new librarian she has been confused by the plethora of acronyms and initialisms that we UCD librarians bandy about. Buzz Haughton volunteered to compile a glossary of as many of these acronyms and initialisms as he can gather together and post them on the LAUCD website. Patsy Inouye said that there is already a glossary of many of the statewide LAUC acronyms and initialisms posted on the statewide LAUC site; Buzz will create an appropriate link from our web page to statewide LAUC’s.


Ruth Gustafson asked LAUCD members to refer names of potential speakers to her as a member of the Program Committee.


Chair Nichols declared the meeting adjourned at 11:00 a.m.