LAUC-D General Membership Meeting

November 29, 2005 9:30am-11:30am

Library Instruction Room (second floor), Shields Library


Attendees: Karen Andrews, Phoebe Ayers, JoAnne Boorkman, Axel Borg, Jared Campbell, Cory Craig, Karleen Darr, Peg Durkin, Ken Firestein, Elaine Franco, Pat French, Sarah Gardner, Ruth Gustafson, Barbara Hegenbart, Bob Heyer-Gray, Patricia Inouye, Linda Kennedy, Diana King, Karl Kocher, Carolyn Kopper, Carol LaRussa, Annie Lin, Marcia Meister, David Michalski, Daryl Morrison, Erin Murphy, Gail Nichols, John Sherlock, Adam Siegel, Lisa Spagnolo, Juri Stratford, Kathleen Stroud, John Tanno, Sandy Vella, Mike Winter, Mary Wood; George Bynon attended via speakerphone, Barbara Goldman, chair of the Academic Federation Committee on Committees was a guest for agenda item #3 in place of Academic Federation President Catherine VandeVoort



1.    Call to Order

            Meeting called to order by Karleen Darr at 9:35


2.    Minutes of the last general membership meeting

The minutes were approved with the proviso that Ken Firestein will provide the text of the statement on recruitment and retention that he read aloud.


3.      Discussion of UL proposal for enhanced delegation of authority for

appointment, promotion, merit and career status decisions for General

Library librarians

Points raised include: LAUC-D is seen on campus by AF has having a model peer review process; withdrawing from the AF personnel review committee purview would make librarians more insular on campus: we wouldn’t learn what other series’ do and vice versa; where exactly is the delay occurring?; lack of checks and balances in review process; George Bynon (GB) countered that there is a high level of concurrence from the various parties to the review/appointment process so removing the AF from the process wouldn’t seem to be too risky; GB also indicated that the impetus behind the proposal was the length of time between offering a candidate a position and issuing the actual letter thus risking losing candidates


Linda Kennedy moved that the LAUC chair communicate the membership’s disagreement with the proposal, summarize the sense of the meeting and recommend a separate examination of the appointment process.  Motion passed  by voice vote, none opposed, one abstention.


4.    Report from the University Librarian.

            The UL was not able to attend the meeting.

5.    LAUC draft bylaws documents

The president of LAUC has asked for a sense of what each division supports.  The main changes are the creation of standing rules which will cover some of the matters currently in the Bylaws, the creation of a council, and a change in the formula for the allotment of delegates to each division.  Linda Kennedy developed an annotated version of the proposed bylaws and standing rules which had previously been distributed to the membership.  The Chair asked that Linda go over the changes and lead the discussion.  Although no official motions were made, it was the general feeling of the membership that they support the idea of standing rules and they are in favor of the creation of a Council.  There was a desire for more information about the reasoning behind some of the suggested changes to the Bylaws.


6.    Committee reports/updates (local and statewide)

CAPA: Several appointments have been reviewed; the review of packets will begin next month.

Professional Issues: Nothing to report.

Professional Activities:  The University will have a new process for doing travel reimbursement requests beginning next fiscal year which will be more electronic and less paper-based.  The Committee is investigating how end-of-year allocations can work within that system and, towards that end, are (along with the Research Committee) looking at how other UC campuses deal with it.

Program: The Committee put on the Fall Reception and co-sponsored with the Research Committee a program.  Future programs are planned for 2006.


7.    Adjournment

            The meeting was adjourned at noon.