LAUC-D General Membership Meeting
Friday, August 11, 2005
First Floor Conference Room, Shields Library

(as sent by LAUC-D Chair, Bob Heyer-Gray 8/10/05 3:24 p.m.)

1. Call to Order.

2. Announcements

3. Minutes of the last general membership meeting. (3/30/05)

4. Report from the University Librarian.

5. LAUC Spring Assembly Wrap-up

6. Committee reports/updates (local and statewide)

7. LAUC-D Scholarship/Grant

ADDITION>> 8. LAUC-D Distinguished Librarian Award

9. Ad Hoc Committee on Open Access, Electronic Journal Feasibility

10. Adjournment


Attendees: Karen Andrews, Jared Campbell, Karleen Darr (Chair-elect), Rebecca Davis, Ken Firestein, Elaine Franco, Ruth Gustafson (recorder),
Bob Heyer-Gray (Chair), Sarah John, Diana King, Carolyn Kopper, Xiaoli Li, Annie Lin, Marcia Meister, David Michalski, John Sherlock, Lisa Spagnolo,
Kathleen Stroud, Bernadette Swanson, John Tanno, Sandy Vella, Mike Winter, Mary Wood, Gail Yokote

1. Call to Order

Meeting called to order at 10:05am

2. Announcements

Karen Andrews distributed three Engineering Libraries Division/American Society for Engineering Education handouts of interest to LAUC-D members
who talk with vendors and publishers.

* The first yellow handout "The Punch List: Best Practices for Electronic Resources" dated June 2005 is written for librarians and covers the 11
areas that librarians would like publishers to take action on and what librarians feel are the best practices. Web page is http://eld.lib.ucdavis.edu/punchlist/PunchlistRevision2005.pdf

* The second Engineering Libraries Division (ELD) pink handout is to give to publishers and lists the 11 items that vex librarians the most. This list is endorsed
by the more than 200 members of ELD. Web page is http://eld.lib.ucdavis.edu/punchlist/PL4Pub.pdf.

* The third ELD white handout is a one-page summary of the entire punchlist. Web page is http://eld.lib.ucdavis.edu/punchlist/PLIntro.pdf

Karen hopes that these lists will allow librarians to have a greater dialogue with publishers. The lists tell them what we want and why we want it.

3. Minutes of the last general membership meeting (8/2/04)

A few corrections were recommended by Karen Andrews. Minutes were then approved as amended.

4. Report from the University Librarian (given by John Tanno in Marilyn Sharrow's absence)

Marilyn is a member of the RAC for the Vice Provost -- Information & Educational Technology.

University Library librarian interviews that are in process are the AUL Administrative Services, H/SS and PSE librarians.

UCD Fall convocation is Sept 28, 2005 at the Mondavi Center.

5. LAUC Spring Assembly Wrap-up (Bob Heyer-Gray)

Website with linked reports is at http://www.library.ucsb.edu/hosted/laucspr2005/agenda.html

The LAUC Spring Assembly was held Thursday, June 2nd at UC Santa Barbara. Sarah Pritchard, the University Librarian of UCSB made introductory remarks.

a) The Committee on Diversity gave a different report than the one on the LAUC website with three recommendations:
i) That all libraries have active diversity committees of some sort (either Library-wide diversity committees or LAUC-Diversity Committees);
ii) That all library staff should have an opportunity to serve on these Diversity committees, (even if the committee is a LAUC committee). LAUC committees
would be chaired by LAUC members;
iii) That on a campus which has a Library-wide diversity committee, that campus's LAUC-Statewide diversity committee representative be appointed to this local diversity committee.

b) Research and Professional Development Committee activities have been mentioned by Dan by e-mail and at meetings

c) Myron Okada (Director, Office of Academic Personnel) had some good news to report
i) The compact with the Governor is going through with anticipated 3% pay raise for staff
ii) There will be a 2% cost of living increase
iii) There are potential larger increases in the future. Projections are for 3% increase in 06/07 and 6% in 07/08
iv) Health care expenses will probably increase for out-of-pocket
v) The UC & CSU are working on teacher credentialing for science/math teachers. This may include forgiving loans and is designed to help undergrads earn a
teaching credential in 4 years

d) Committee on Professional Governance
* see http://www.ucop.edu/lauc/committees/pg/report-spring-2005.html

e) Ad Hoc Committee on Instructional Roles for Librarians
* still looking for a few more members. Peg Durkin in on this committee

f) Ad Hoc Committee on Open Access, Electronic Journal Feasibility (UCSB? committee member gave report)
* question asked about next step -- approach CDL or UCOP?
A straw poll by division was taken (unofficial as it was not by delegates)
Results: 6 divisions want this to be pursued and 4 do not. This will be covered later in the meeting under Agenda item #9

g) Position paper task force
* position paper 2 retired
* position paper 4 re-affirmed
* position paper 3 updated
* position paper 5 re-affirmed and updated

h) Report on Committee on Rules & Jurisdiction
* interim report -- many people were unhappy with this, especially with shrinking the size of the LAUC statewide Executive Board
* more to follow with serious bylaws revisions
* proposed to take wording out of the bylaws & shift into standing rules where they wouldn't need to be voted on
* all agreed on name change from Assembly to Council
* all bylaws changes have to go through UCOP

LAUC-D members questions and comments concerning this Spring 2005 Assembly. There was interest in Myron Okada's presentation on the compact
money for the increases and a question on why merits come out of this money. Another question was whether the increase would be retroactive
with the answer of no. Also posed was whether there will be another CAP? and there are no plans at this point. It was also noted that when there
hasn't been any money for increases, merits were still funded for academics (but not for the staff). Clarification was asked on whether this percentage of allocation
is negotiated? Merits have always been fixed and not negotiable for represented librarians.

6. Committee reports/updates (local and statewide)

LOCAL LAUC-D Committees:

NOTE to all committee chairs: Send year-end reports to Bob Heyer-Gray,
Karleen Darr and please copy Diana King (rheyer@ucdavis.edu,
Kldarr@ucdavis.edu, diking@ucdavis.edu)

Committee on Appointments, Promotions, and Advancement (Bob Heyer-Gray in Pat French's place): The year-end report will be out at the end of the month.

Nominations and Elections Committee (Sarah John):
There were 2 successful elections with the second being the run-off election. Incoming chair is Karleen Darr. Elected are
Vice-Chair/Chair Elect: Sandra Vella (2007)
Secretary: Erin Murphy (2006)
Nominations & Elections: Bernadette Swanson (Chair) & Member-at-large Elaine Franco
Professional Activities Com: Annie Lin (Vice Chair/Chair Elect)
Professional Issues Com: Lisa Spagnolo (Vice Chair/Chair Elect) & member Mary Wood
Program Com: Adam Siegel (Vice Chair/Chair Elect)
CAPA: Karl Kocher (Vice Chair/Chair Elect)
Research Com: Ruth Gustafson (Vice Chair/Chair Elect)
Sixty-one ballots were mailed out and 39 were returned.

Bob Heyer-Gray, outgoing LAUC-D chair, will pass on a new copy of Sturgis
to incoming LAUC-D chair, Karleen Darr.

Professional Issues Committee (Sandy Vella): Committee worked on encouraging undergrads and graduate students to consider librarianship as
a career. At the May symposium panel members talked about opportunities in the library field. Perhaps the next effort could be to provide a
similar program in Winter Quarter for library staff and library student workers.

Remaining LAUC-D committees have not met recently or have no updates.


No reports from statewide committees as the Assembly reports covered most of the activities.

7. LAUC-D Scholarship/Grant (Ken Firestein and all)

Ken read the following lengthy statement on recruitment and retention:

Recruitment and Retention of librarians is an issue that has been discussed in LAUC over the last several years. We have LA's, in local and
distance education programs, who can use help with tuition, books, and travel.

A scholarship or scholarship fund with $1000.00 dollars would be helpful and meaningful. More would be nice, too.

Generally there is money in the LAUC-D budget left over at the end of each year which is not used by LAUC-D. This past year there may have been
$1000.00 left over but not used by LAUC-D. This coming year's budget for LAUC-D is likely to begin as it has begun for over 10 years with $2500.00
and may again not be used fully. Wouldn't it be wonderful for our profession to encourage people to train for librarianship with a scholarship? The LAUC-D Professional Issues Committee would seem to be a venue for considering and establishing a scholarship fund as it has recently shown its concern for careers
in libraries at the May 18th Campus Career Fair.

Recruitment and Retention of librarians is also an issue that has been discussed by UC-AFT, the Union representing librarians at UC Davis. In
several meetings the Davis local of the Union has considered such a scholarship, too. The Local Union would like to partner with LAUC-D on
such a scholarship and is prepared to match a LAUC-D contribution, dollar for dollar, up to 500.00 to establish at least a $1000.00 fund for a
scholarship to help people attend library school.

A scholarship fund of $1000.00 would be meaningful to recipients and a partnership of LAUC-D and the UC-AFT Davis Union Local would be a
meaningful collaboration in support of the development of a pool of professional librarians for future recruitments.

It would be helpful for this proposed scholarship/grant to be in place in time for the proposed Winter Quarter workshop by the Professional Issues

Discussion included the following points: LAs who wish to go to library school need encouragement and assistance. Some funding for staff at UCD
is available ($300 was mentioned).

Overall comments were favorable: Although it is a good idea for us as a profession to offer support, it doesn't have to be the same amount each
year. The collaboration with the union is particularly a good idea but selecting the recipient is a concern.

Concerns expressed included: Good for fostering our own staff but needs details such as who decides, how much, whether one-time or ongoing and
what is received in return from the grantee? Don't want to commit a certain amount each year if it takes away from LAUC-D programs. If we
don't use the money as it is intended, the university may not like how it is used -- we should first find out if we can spend it this way. This may
not be be legal for an ongoing cost.

ACTION: John Tanno will look into this and will report back to Bob Heyer-Gray and/or Karleen Darr.

An alternative was proposed for local librarians to have a personal fund-raiser to bring in money and then give the money to a local library
school to choose the recipient.

Other opinions expressed included the hope that personal fund-raising would be plan C -- that we prioritize this as a higher concern. Perhaps
the issue is "who is responsible for the recruitment and retention of librarians?" Is it LAUC? Is it Library Administration?

Perhaps the incoming LAUC-D chair can come up with a charge for a task group to investigate?

Other current ways to fund UCD library staff pursuing library degrees: giving unpaid release time, alternate work schedules, if UC degree some
tuition remission. It was noted that it is a common practice at other universities for paid release time for the degree.

Motion by Karen Andrews: I would like to move that the incoming chair of LAUC-D charge the Professional Issues committee with the task of doing a
feasibility study of the proposed LAUC-D Scholarship/Grant for library staff to attend library school

Seconded by Ken Firestein.

All were in favor in charging the PI committee as presented in the motion above.

ADDITION>> 8. LAUC-D Distinguished Librarian Award

LAUC-D member asked what had happened with this award. This award can be given every three years but there were no nominations this year. It was
asked if this could be done again next year or does it need to wait another 3 years and, if so, does the pot get bigger? Another member
suggested that the timeframe be changed to accomodate when the award is not given. There is nothing in the bylaws about this award process. Needs to be
determined who can look at the Distinguished Librarian award timeframe. The $1,000 comes from Library Administration. John Sherlock
was on the original committee which established this award. The award was defined as a distinguished librarian not the librarian of the year. It
was considered that it might not be awarded every time. Two other LAUC-D members confirmed that this award was meant to occur for rare achievement.
The time gap was not instituted as a concern of workload but rather with the idea that it was not an annual award.

Bob Heyer-Gray recommended that the incoming board talk about this. We are already off (late) one year in the cycle.

9. Ad Hoc Committee on Open Access, Electronic Journal Feasibility
(Bob Heyer-Gray and all)

Bob Heyer-Gray noted that at the Assembly there was some confusion on what the report was intended to do -- it was intended as a fact-finding report
on what it would take to do this type of publication. This report was a lot of work and most of it was done by Daniel Goldstein.

LAUC-D needs member input: should we approach potential partners like CDL & UCOP to ascertain if this is something that we're interested in? Before
we invest a lot more time, we need to discuss if we want to continue ... What's the sense of the LAUC-D membership for delegates to vote?

Bob noted that word from other UC delegates was that it is premature to approach anyone. Almost all delegates said we think this is a good idea
but not yet.

Does LAUC really want to do this journal? If so, get buy-in and then get this process going.


We found out about the open e-publishing journal aspect of eScholarship. Faculty can do this because they have departmental status but is it
possible for LAUC Statewide Executive Board to give approval for librarians to start a journal. Is LAUC statewide a "department" level?

What will be done with the rights & the peer-review process?

From UCLA & UC Merced one of the issues is sustainability. Only 30% of LAUC membership is interested in publishing ... But this would be open to
library world (not just to LAUC members).


Because we're telling the faculty to do this, shouldn't we as a profession be pursuing this?

It does become a public forum & we want to represent the university well & would like it to be sustainable.


There is a lot going into a journal ... Concern about the editor's commitment -- 30% of person's time.

Is this really two questions: 1) starting any library journal versus 2) starting an official LAUC journal? Can we keep the idea alive? Incoming
LAUC President, Jenny Reiswig is interested and will keep it going.

ACTION: Bob Heyer-Gray will send an e-mail requesting other LAUC-D member's thoughts DEADLINE: Before 8/25 transition meeting

Before adjournment, Karleen Darr thanked outgoing chair Bob Heyer-Gray for his service to LAUC-D this year.

10. Adjournment at 11:34 am