Librarians Association of the University of California, Davis

General Membership Meeting

May 14, 2002


Present: Gail Nichols (Chair), Buzz Haughton (Secretary), Deborah Murphy (LAUC President), Marilyn Sharrow (University Librarian), Carol LaRussa, Jared Campbell, Rebecca Davis, Lisa Jerant, Dan Goldstein, Diana King, Annie Lin, Bob Heyer-Gray, Ruth Gustafson, David Michalski, Sandy Vella, Karen Andrews, Cory Craig, Elaine Franco, Jo Anne Boorkman, Nancy Kushigian, George Bynon, Patsy Inouye, Marcia Meister, Ken Firestein, Linda Kennedy


Chair Nichols called the meeting to order at 9:15 a.m.


Announcements: Chair Nichols introduced Deborah Murphy (UCSC), LAUC President for 2001-2002. Rebecca Davis announced a Government Technology Conference taking place at the Sacramento Convention Center; admission on May 15 will be free of charge, and many providers of software and databases of interest to librarians will be displaying their wares.


The minutes of the general membership meeting of April 30 were approved with corrections; see .


Nominations and Elections Committee (Jo Anne Boorkman for Susan Llano): Jo Anne gave the slate of LAUC-D candidates for office for 2002-2003. There were no nominations from the floor. It was moved and seconded that the slate be accepted; the motion passed unanimously with no abstentions.


LAUC President’s Report (Deborah Murphy): Deborah has had a couple of informal e-mails with the University Librarians in the course of her presidency regarding paid leave and the status of the Distinguished Step. The statewide Committee on Professional Governance’s survey regarding the Distinguished Step is not ready; President Murphy will present what results there may be and discuss them at the University Librarians’ meeting in June. Some LAUC bylaws revisions will be presented with the LAUC ballot for approval in the near future. Compared to the revisions effected last year, this year’s bylaws revisions are minor. Spring Assembly reports will all be available on the LAUC

website (see The statewide Diversity Committee has experienced a rebirth; its recent documents are on the web (see The statewide Research Committee has

arranged samples of successful proposals on the web (see


Information literacy was the topic of the keynote speakers, Esther Grassian and Susan Curzon. A resolution calling for a commitment to information literacy from librarians, faculty and students was adopted at the Spring Assembly. Marilyn Sharrow expressed her opinion that SLESIAC should be solicited to get involved in any drive for greater

information literacy.


Research Committee (Rebecca Davis): Rebecca gave titles of some projects that were funded by the statewide Research Committee. The statewide Research Committee is eager to fund projects so long as they meet the committee’s standards,

outlined at . LAUC-D Research Committee is considering a brownbag lunch to which some successful recipients of committee funding could be invited to discuss their work.


Chair Nichols adjourned the meeting at 10:35 a.m.


Respectfully submitted,


Buzz Haughton, Secretary