Librarians Association of the University of California, Davis

General Membership Meeting

April 30, 2002


Present: Gail Nichols (Chair), Buzz Haughton (Secretary), Marilyn Sharrow (University Librarian), Sandra Vella, Cory Craig, Ruth Gustafson, Lisa Jerant, Ken Firestein, Rebecca Davis, George Bynon, Gail Yokote, Jared Campbell, Karl Kocher, Karleen Darr, Diana King, David Michalski, Patsy Inouye, Rafaela Castro, Bob Heyer-Gray, Karen Andrews, Opry Popa, Jo Anne Boorkman, Pat French, Michael Colby, John Sherlock, Mary Wood, Carol LaRussa, Annie Lin, Dan Goldstein, Myra Appel, Carolyn Kopper, Mary Eldredge


Chair Nichols called the meeting to order at 9:10 a.m.


The minutes of the November 8, 2001 general membership meeting were approved with two corrections; see .


New LAUC-D members Diana King and David Michalski, both of the Humanities/Social Sciences Reference Department, were introduced.


Announcements (Gail Nichols): There will be a meeting of the statewide LAUC Executive Board next Thursday, May 2 at UCLA before the LAUC Spring Assembly the following day. The Assembly will include a presentation on information literacy.


University Librarianís Report (Marilyn Sharrow): Eight new librarians have been hired in the past year. The budgetary prospects look bad, but not as bad as had been originally projected. The next AUR (Administrative Unit Review) will concentrate on collections. To congratulate staff for their hard work and forbearance in preparing for the new ILS, theLibrary Administration is sponsoring a social event in the library courtyard next Friday, May 3.


Committee Reports: PAC (Bob Heyer-Gray): May 17 is the deadline for travel requests already completed. June 13 is the deadline for turning in travel receipts.


Nominations and Elections (Jo Anne Boorkman for Susan Llano): The committee will meet soon and stands in need of volunteers.


PIC (Myra Appel): The committee has been necessarily quiet this year, due to preparations for the ILS changeover. Look for more activity in the coming academic year.


Program (Ruth Gustafson for Erin Murphy): There will be a luncheon-chat 11:30-1:30 May 1 at Scrubs, the newly remodeled food service next to HSL.


Research (Rebecca Davis): Two projects have been funded. Statewide, nine proposals were received, totaling $80,000; a total of five were funded with the $30,000 available to the statewide Research Committee. The statewide committee will address the issue of how proposals are funded in future meetings. Some of the smaller campuses send all their research requests on for statewide funding, since they lack divisional funds. On May 29 there will be a program sponsored by the Research Committee featuring recipients of past funding talking about their research results.


Review Board (Karleen Darr for Marcia Meister): The Review Board finished its caseload of reviews in mid-March. All librarians are now fully transitioned to the new salary structure.


Peer Review Documents Review Committee (Gail Nichols for Patsy Inouye): The committee has not met for a while, since members have been caught up with ILS conversionand conversion training duties.


Mentoring Task Force (Karen Andrews): No meeting yet. A listserv for social support for librarians and library staff has been stalled; a mechanism for getting it started must be found. Some thought that there would be no trouble in using a UCD server, even though the list would be designed to support librarians in outside-the-job endeavors like finding housing, best places to shop, etc.


Privacy Report (Gail Nichols): SOPAG (Systemwide Operations and Planning Advisory Group) has appointed a task force to develop a model policy on privacy for library-provided digital services (see Chair Nichols opened the floor for comments after giving a summary of the report. Where do we keep information on individuals? For how long? What kind of access should be allowed to this information? There was a general discussion of circulation records, DocLine and interlibrary loan. Many libraries now require logging in to several library activities, providing more opportunities for privacy infringement.


Distinguished Step (Rafaela Castro): The statewide Committee on Professional Governance is distributing a survey polling LAUC membersí opinions of the Distinguished Step (see So far there have been four responses. Survey results will be submitted to the Fall 2002 Assembly. One document so far states that the Distinguished Step is at Librarian VI of the new scale. Should it remain there? Some campuses have expressed opposition to a Distinguished Step. There is no connection between the Distinguished Step and emeritus status here at UCD. If the Distinguished Step remains at Librarian VI, there will be one step beyond it. LAUC Position Paper No. 1 is in need of revision after the librarian series restructuring.


The meeting was adjourned at 10:30 a.m.


Respectfully submitted,


Buzz Haughton, Secretary