LAUC-D General Membership Meeting

Wednesday, March 30, 2005


First Floor Conference Room, Shields Library



(as sent by LAUC-D Chair, Bob Heyer-Gray  3/22/05 12:38 pm)



1. Call to Order


2. Minutes of the last general membership meeting (8/2/04)


3. Report from the University Librarian


4. LAUC Spring Assembly Update


5. Committee reports/updates (local and statewide)


6. LAUC-D Research Committee Presentation Grant Proposal & Research Fund

Procedures (see attached documents)


7. Adjournment





Attendees: Karen Andrews, Myra Appel, Melissa Browne, Cory Craig, Sheila Cunningham, Karleen Darr (Chair-elect), Elaine Franco, Pat French, Dan Goldstein, Ruth Gustafson (recorder), Bob Heyer-Gray (Chair), Sarah John, Linda Kennedy, Diana King, Carolyn Kopper, Carol La Russa, Marcia Meister, David Michalski, Daryl Morrison, Erin Murphy, Gail Nichols, Marilyn Sharrow, Lisa Spagnolo, Kathleen Stroud, John Tanno, Sandy Vella



Revised Agenda


1. Call to Order


2. Minutes of the last general membership meeting (8/2/04)


ADDED:  3. Announcements


4. Report from the University Librarian


5. LAUC Spring Assembly Update


6. Committee reports/updates (local and statewide)


7. LAUC-D Research Committee Presentation Grant Proposal & Research Fund Procedures (see attached documents)


8. Adjournment






1. Call to Order


        Meeting called to order at 1:07pm



2. Minutes of the last general membership meeting (12/3/04)


Individual names were asked to be removed from the SLASIAC discussion

portion of the Minutes and then were accepted.



ADDED:  3. Announcements


Bob Heyer-Gray noted that Karen Andrews is receiving the Homer I. Bernhardt Distinguished Service award from the Engineering Libraries Division of ASEE.



4. Report from the University Librarian.


Marilyn Sharrow noted that the recruitment search is on for the Director of Development for the University Library. The screening of applications for AUL for Administrative Services begins on April 1, 2005. There are also several librarian recruitments in HSL, PSE & BioAg.


There are also several campus-wide searches for important administrative positions such as the Dean of Division of Humanities, Arts and Cultural Studies (HArCS), the Vice Chancellor for Research.  The new Registrar was hired from SJSU.  Other appointments are the new Vice Chancellor for Administration (Stan Nosek) and the new Associate Vice Chancellor for Facilities Operations & Maintenance (Maurice Hollman).


This year UC will see a steady-state budget with no major cuts and no major additions.


On April 27-28 the Regents will be visiting UC Davis first at the Medical Center and then at the new Genome and Biomedical Sciences Facility.


The Hunold exhibit by Daryl Morrison and Special Collections is up and showcases the more than 156,000 photos by Ray Hunold, a freelance photographer who focused on storytellers and nature photography.


Marilyn will be attending the UCB Faculty Conference on Scholarly Publishing tomorrow (March 31, 2005).  Speakers will be Dan Greenstein, Bruce Alberts (UCSF Professor of Biochemistry & Biophysics and President of the National Academy of Sciences), and Lawrence Lessig (Stanford University Professor of Law and founder of the Creative Commons).  There will be many breakout sessions discussing topics such as journal publishing options with sessions for authors and for editors.  [Website

address is http://www.lib.berkeley.edu/scholarlypublishing/ ]



5. LAUC Spring Assembly Update.


Bob Heyer-Gray noted that the draft agenda is up on the LAUC systemwide Assembly webpage.  The Spring Assembly is at UCSB.



LAUC-D members will be hearing a lot more about the position papers task force, especially concerning papers #2-5.  This Assembly will have a lot more e-mail discussions and airing of opinions so that the business at the Spring Assembly will be more concrete.  The position papers are on the website and there is discussion about re-affirming papers #3-5 and retiring #2.



Upcoming assembly reports include: Ad Hoc Committee for Open Access, Electronic Journal Feasibility report; Committee on Committees, Rules and Jurisdictions report with major bylaws revisions.


The Assembly is again on a Thursday, June 2nd with the LAUC Executive Board meeting on the following Friday, June 3rd.  There will be no program (unlike the Fall Assembly).



6. Committee reports/updates (local and statewide)


LOCAL LAUC-D Committees:


     LAUC-D Distinguished Librarian Award Committee (Bob for Terri Malmgren):  The deadline has been extended to April 1, 2005.  No nominations were received as of the week of March 28th.


     Committee on Appointments, Promotions, and Advancement (Pat French):

CAPA has finished this year's round of reviews and four appointment packets.


     Nominations and Elections Committee (Sarah John):  Official e-mail calling for nominations went out yesterday (March 29, 2005).  The deadline is April 15, 2005 and Sarah encourages all to nominate or even self-nominate for the various LAUC-D offices and committees.


     Professional Issues Committee (Sandy Vella):  The Pathways Career

Symposium for UCD graduate students -- sponsored by the Internship & Career Center -- is set for Saturday, May 14, 2005.  The Library time slot is scheduled for 10:40-11:40am.  A panel of three librarians will speak about "Library Careers for Academics":  Jared Campbell, Cary O'Keefe from Intel Corporation, and Ruth Gustafson.  Erin Murphy is the moderator. This will be a great opportunity to share with UCD graduate students the wide variety of librarian job types available for academics.  Those interested in serving as a potential mentor should let Sandy Vella know. Usually about 200 grad students attend this symposium.


     Program Committee (David Michalski):  The next couple of programs are

in the Library as Field series are:  Friday, April 15th with Susan Hildreth, the new California State Librarian and Friday, May 27th with Dr. Douglas Adams, Associate Professor in the Department of Viticulture and Enology.  The Program committee is looking at scheduling a Lunch & Chat for July after the ALA annual conference.  Feel free to send ideas for other summer programs to David Michalski.  Xiaoli Li is the incoming chair for 2005/06.


     Research Committee (Dan Goldstein):  Two LAUC-D grants were given to Ted Sibia and Mary Wood.  The Research committee is talking about ways to make the committee more responsive.


Meeting moved to lengthy discussion of item #7


7. LAUC-D Research Committee Presentation Grant Proposal & Research Fund Procedures (see attached documents)


Daniel Goldstein began this discussion by noting that the Research Committee gets fixed money for LAUC-D grants with the original intent being that these would be small grants to start up and then the recipient would apply for more money from LAUC systemwide Research Committee or from grant agencies.  The number of LAUC-D grants submitted has decreased significantly so most grants that are awarded are fully funded.  The unspent balance has been rolled over.  Even though each LAUC-D Research Committee has publicized the grants so that LAUC-D members know that the money is there, it still is not being used.  This year the Research Committee looked at different ways to use this money to accomplish it's primary goal.


There were two main ideas which came out of this review.  The Research Committee has traditionally used this money to support only research and not to support travel (to  conduct research) or for conferences (where research results may be presented).


First proposal is to have a presentation grant.  See the supporting documents dated 2/15/05 and titled "Presentation Grant and Mini-Grant Guidelines" and titled "Local Grant Procedures REVISED DRAFT 2/15/05". This grant is to support the cost of the presentation which may include travel costs and/or publication costs for things such as copyright for photos.  The wording is deliberately broad to enable one to submit the proposal to the Research Committee.  Dan also noted that LAUC-D is the only local LAUC research committee that uses the *full* (complicated) statewide application for our own grant process.


Dan asked what issues LAUC-D members have with the first proposal concerning funding presentation grants?  Discussion centered on whether a dollar value should be specified; how these proposals would be weighted for evaluation by the Research Committee; how these grants would be prioritized with others; and whether travel to a conference to present research covers both talks and poster sessions? Dan noted that in the short run the committee thought details would not be needed as this would create barriers . If it becomes a concern then the Research Committee will establish application deadlines.  Again, the primary goal for these grant monies is to support research -- that was the original intent.  It is not unusual to have money under-spent.


Another question concerned whether there needs to be a research interest group to help generate and review ideas? Dan pointed out that the Research Committee has been serving this function.  The committee needs to keep having programs on what research has resulted from grant-supported work so that new librarians can learn about these grants and their value.


A LAUC-D member noted that these grants are not good at supporting new approaches to providing service and new applications of information technology.  Indeed, LAUC statewide is strictly limited to research ONLY -- not applied. But should LAUC research money be used to support what the primary job activities are?  For example, digitization projects which are within a librarian's job are borderline because the proposal has to have a research component.


In closing this discussion of the first proposal, Dan noted that the Research Committee will reword the prioritizing language and will send the changed language to the LAUC-D e-mail list.


Second proposal from the Research Committee is concerning PAC (Professional Activities Committee). See supporting document dated 3/20/2005 & titled "LAUCD Procedure Research funds to PAC".  Dan pointed out that PAC has not been able to fully reimburse librarians for a number of years. It is proposed that near the fiscal year's end the LAUC-D Research Committee would move some of its funds over to help with end-of-year librarian professional activities which PAC could not cover.


The process could be that PAC would submit the un-reimbursed amount to the Research Committee.  Then the Research Committee would look at that year's funds and say "yes" or "no".


A long discussion followed on what the funding and process is for PAC money at present including what the pots of money are for represented and non-represented librarians. Dan did emphasize that money is allocated by statewide Research Committee into separate pots for represented or non-represented librarians. All of this will need to be clarified with Cindy Castaneda and Debbie Ojakangas and the committee will need to revise

the LAUC-D Research Committee's procedures.  Dan will continue to work on sorting out the funding streams.


Dan asked how LAUC-D members feel about giving the money to PAC? It was noted, if this passes, that the professional activities fiscal closing may be earlier for PAC to be able to send to the LAUC-D Research Committee. Another discussion was held concerning details.


Chair Heyer-Gray noted that there were 21 people remaining in the meeting at this point out of a total of 54 people in the membership.


David Michalski presented a verbal proposal that a vote be held on including section 3 [new section on LAUC-D Presentation Grants] with prioritizing language with the following votes:  2 abstain, 1 oppose, 18 ayes.


Next a straw poll was held on the question:  Should LAUC-D Research Committee pursue the idea of whether excess Research Committee funds be used for PAC? No-one voted for this to be dropped.  The majority felt it is worthwhile to pursue.


Meeting returned to Agenda #6. Committee reports/updates (local and statewide)




     Committee on Committees, Rules and Jurisdiction (Carol La Russa):  Carol will send an e-mail about the proposed bylaws changes.


     Committee on Professional Governance (Marcia Meister):  The charge of this committee is to 1) advise the LAUC President and Executive Board on issues; 2) serve as a review body for Divisions who may request evaluation of local peer-review procedures; and 3) maintain access to campus peer-review documents on the Web or in electronic form.


For this year the committee was asked to do three things.  First was to review peer-review documents on the Web from each campus.  [See LAUC-D Executive Board Minutes from March 4, 2005, Agenda #4a for details on the various Professional Governance charges and more at   http://laucd.lib.ucdavis.edu/ExecutiveBoard/exbdmin0305.html ]


Secondly, the committee was charged with compiling information on emeriti librarian status from various campuses.  Bob Heyer-Gray and Marcia Meister did meet with George Bynon in December 2004.  Marcia submitted a report and noted that UCD does not have procedural documentation for emeriti librarians although there is an October 29, 2001 UCD Directive from the Office of the Chancellor concerning emeriti faculty.  [ Located at   http://directives.ucdavis.edu/2001/01-156.cfm ] Past recipients of emeriti

librarian status were David Lundquist in 2004 and there were two librarians who received this in the 1990s.  Article 31 of the MOU (effective after July 1, 2003) notes that there are "special retirement benefits.  These few benefits include: 1)  attending departmental meetings; 2) receiving a library card; 3) receiving an e-mail account with a Kerberos password. Some campuses do have procedural documents online and Marcia recommends that LAUC-D pull together what documentation is available and have it placed on the LAUC-D website.  Library Administration office does now have a procedure for future librarian retirees concerning certain benefits


The third special charge of the Professional Governance committee was to gather information on four specific questions: 1) whether LAUC members serve on any academic committees; 2) are LAUC members called upon to comment as guests at Senate committee meetings?;  3) What is the role of the Library Administration in formal relations with the Senate Division?; 4) what methods are there for faculty two-way dialogue with LAUC?  Marcia noted that UCD's situation is very different as librarians represent Academic Federation (AF) on Academic Senate committees. Final report will

go to Terry Huwe, LAUC President, and then will be sent to the LAUC website. [ Now available at http://www.ucop.edu/lauc/committees/pg/report-spring-2005senate.html ]


LAUC-D discussion followed on librarians serving on AF committees and whether better communication is needed


     Ad Hoc Committee for Open Access, Electronic Journal Feasibility (Dan Goldstein):  The committee has conducted its work via conference call and is working on the proposal.  [May 2005 report found at

   http://www.ucop.edu/lauc/committees/oaej/report-spring-2005.html ]



8. Adjournment at 2:54 pm