LAUC-D General Membership Meeting

March 2, 2006   9:30 – 11:30


Attendees: Karen Andrews, Phoebe Ayers, Jo Anne Boorkman, Melissa Browne, Jared Campbell, Michael Colby, Cory Craig, Karleen Darr, Roberto Delgadillo, Peg Durkin, Pat French, Daniel Goldstein, Barbara Hegenbart, Bob Heyer-Gray, Deanna Johnson, Diana King, Karl Kocher, Carolyn Kopper, Carol La Russa, Xiaoli Li, Annie Lin, Marcia Meister, David Michalski, Erin Murphy, Marilyn Sharrow, John Sherlock, Adam Siegel, Juri Stratford, Kathleen Stroud, Bernadette Swanson, John Tanno, Sandy Vella, Mike Winter


1.         Call to Order

            The meeting was called to order at 9:40.


2.         Minutes of the last general membership meeting

            The minutes of the November 29, 2005 meeting were approved as distributed.


3.         Report from Fall Assembly

            Held December 1-2 at UCSC.  President Jennifer Reiswig gave a report (available at  Following up on that, the afternoon planning session began with small group discussion on enabling technologies.  The consensus was that 5 areas need to be addressed:  orientation for new members using the web, development of content management system, creation of archives to possibly include dark archives, developing d space, and optimizing face to face meetings.  The Executive Board decided the next day that the President would put out a call for an ad hoc committee to look at these issues.  All campuses would be represented including a rep from LTAG. 


The latter half of the afternoon was spent looking at the proposed changes to the bylaws.  The new language was officially voted down but the group did agree with the ideas of developing standing rules and changing some of the standing committees to ad hoc committees.  The Executive Board asked the President to draft a new charge to the Committee on Committees, Rules and Jurisdiction reflecting these ideas.


Spring Assembly will be June 1-2 at UCLA.  The program will be on managing repositories and include a speaker from the national level, someone from UC and a panel of librarians to comment on the speakers’ presentations.


4.         Committee Reports

            Program:  The committee has coordinated programs every month and all were well attended.  The next one is set for tomorrow, March 3, and will include a presentation on chocolate along with a tasting session.  April 11 will see a speaker from UNR about comparing a library to a river. 


            CAPA: The committee reviewed all 14 packets during January and is now only meeting as needed for appointments.


            Nominations & Elections:  Eleven openings have been identified.  The first email outlining this and asking for nominations will be sent next week.


            Professional Issues:  A survey of all campuses has found that none have a scholarship program in place.  A staff group at UCLA has set one up but the group is not affiliated with the university at all.


            Research:  Local committee received two applications for funding: one will be fully funded and one partially.  On the State level, there were 5 proposals, four from UCB and one from UCR.  One of the 5 will be funded as submitted, one will be sent back to the librarian with a suggestion to rethink the project and resubmit next year, and the remaining three need some re-writing but will be funded.  The extra money in the Research Committee account was removed by Admin so the idea of redistributing money to PAC is moot.


            Professional Activities:  Since the new software system that Admin (and the campus) will be using to allocate travel funds won’t be ready by the end of 2005/2006 year, the committee will use the same process as before.  The committee is studying alternatives for next year.  These will be presented at the May general membership meeting.


            Statewide Committee on Cmtes, Rules & Jurisdiction:  No new charge has been received from President Reiswig yet.


5.         Bibliographic Services Task Force Report

            (available at

SOPAG has asked LAUC to comment by the end of the month on the report which examines how libraries can change to develop better ways for users to access material.  After much discussion, it was decided that Karleen would set up several brown bags over the next few weeks which will focus on various parts of the report.


A member asked about the status of the proposal to enhance the UL authority for reviews and appointments.  Karleen reported that she had written a letter to VP Horwitz summarizing the comments from the last LAUC-D general membership meeting.  The head of the Academic Federation also sent a letter to the VP and copied Karleen.  While nothing has been heard directly, John Tanno reported that Marilyn Sharrow received a letter from VP Horwitz stating that the process is not going to be changed but that the office of the VP will be looking at how academic packets are processed with an eye to seeing where the delays occur.


6.         Adjournment

            The meeting was adjourned at 11:25.