LAUC-D Executive Board Minutes

September 12, 2003


Present: T. Malmgren (Chair), P. French, R.Gustafson, B. Heyer-Gray, C. Craig, D. Morrison, D. Goldstein, N. Kushigian, P. Inouye, D. King (Recorder)


1. Call to Order:  9:05 AM

2. Announcements
T. Malmgren thanked former chair P. Inouye for excellent service to LAUC-D last year.

3. Old Business

     a. Approval of Minutes from last Executive Board Meeting

R. Gustafson noted in minutes from 4/28/03 former discussion regarding the possible meeting of an interviewee with a LAUC team; she emphasized that this can be very useful for job candidates and gives them the opportunity to learn more about the organization. A discussion of this topic was moved as an agenda item for the end of this meeting.

Minutes from 4/28/03 were approved and seconded without changes or corrections, pending any changes submitted from last year’s Executive Board.

     b. Reports from 2002-03 Executive Board
Nominations Committee: A. Lin submitted the committee’s report to T. Malmgren, and it has already been posted to the LAUC-D website.

Professional Issues Committee: This committee did not meet last year and therefore has no formal report, but this year members will probably look more closely at the proposed white papers on shared collections. The Board consulted the existing LAUC-D bylaws to clarify the differences between the roles of the Professional Issues Committee vs. the Professional Activities Committee, since their names are similar.

Program Committee: R. Gustafson reported that the committee last year started off with a series of lunch chats, but that she and past chair K. Firestein will come up with a longer summary of the committee’s activities for the next Executive Board meeting. The first major planning for the committee will be the Fall Reception for new librarians.

Professional Activities: P. Inouye presented copies of the 2002/3 Annual Report from S. Vella, which showed distribution of monies from PAC funds for the year. This process is done at the end of the year, with a set formula determining distribution of remaining money for travel over the initial $600 allocation. B. Heyer-Gray noted that every UC campus actually does this process differently. The review initiator in each department is responsible for disseminating information about professional activities forms and reimbursement, which is especially important when new librarians enter the system.


4. New Business

     a. Demonstration of Web Survey
R. Gustafson presented a preliminary report on the recent web survey conducted (via Survey Monkey software) by the Program Committee. The survey asked LAUC-D members for input on past and possible future programming, and a final report will be sent out when it has been completed. The top reason for not attending LAUC-D programs was too many prior commitments, and top choices for potential campus tours included the UC Davis winery, the Mondavi Center, and the Arboretum.

     b. Committee Appointments
The Board discussed remaining appointments to be made for LAUC-D committees, including statewide appointments. Pending acceptance by appointees, changes will be reflected in the updated 2003/04 Roster.

    c. Budget
The Board reviewed the upcoming distribution of the LAUC-D budget for this year based on past expenses for each committee. T. Malmgren asked committee chairs to figure out budgets from last year and send to her a proposed amount for this coming year. Potential expenses include refreshments, any funds needed for the Distinguished Librarian award (this is usually every three years), and planning for the Fall Reception. R. Gustafson expressed concern that although this event is important, it diverts a great deal of energy and needn’t always be the responsibility of a committee primarily working on discussions and programs for the library.

The Distinguished Librarian award has in the past included $1000, and a gift book. T. Malmgren will consult with G. Bynon regarding any previous administrative support for the award. An ad hoc committee will be formed to discuss candidates. N. Kushigian inquired as to whether or not Librarians who retired this year could be included in the pool for 2004, since it is such a high number. T. Malmgren stated that this could be an agenda item for the next Ex. Board meeting, and may also be discussed via e-mail correspondence.

     d. Set Meetings

The Executive Board decided to set up a regular meeting time, with some e-mail discussion of immediate issues. Meetings will be scheduled for the 2nd Friday of every month from 9:00-11:00, which may be moved to accommodate holidays. 

Fall Assembly will take place on Dec. 4-5 at UC Berkeley.

The LAUC-D General Membership traditionally meets quarterly. Unless an unforeseen issue comes up, the next meeting will probably not be until November this year.


5. Other
 Discussion returned to the issue of LAUC involvement in RACs and the best way to welcome and inform new members. Given the compressed time frame and the stress of the interview process, N. Kushigian suggested that perhaps the LAUC-D chair could attend lunch with interviewing candidates. A short coffee break between scheduled interviews might also work. There was general agreement that a better time for an informal welcome and discussion about LAUC could take place during the orientation process once a candidate starts work at UCD, probably within the first month of arrival.  A short pamphlet with basic information for interviewees, supplemented by a possible short conversation during the interview process and a lunch with available Executive Board members during work orientation, would bring together several of the suggested ideas. The idea for a “welcome lunch” can be announced at the next General Membership meeting. T. Malmgren will gather any further thoughts on this issue and send via e-mail. Since so many new librarians have entered the system recently, the Board can also invite them as a group to a lunch in the near future. T. Malmgren will take the lead in inviting new members.


Since there isn’t a formal system for keeping track of the official roster of LAUC-D members, the Secretary in collaboration with the Chair will keep track of new additions. K. Kocher maintains the LAUC-D listserv and should also be informed of any changes.

R. Gustafson and D. King will work on a LAUC-D introduction and profile for new members. This can be posted on the website as a friendlier description of LAUC than the by-laws, and can also be formatted as a pamphlet for interviewees. The proposed content will be due by the November Executive Board meeting. K. Andrews may also be interested in looking at this on behalf of the library Mentoring Committee.

6. Adjournment:  11:45 AM