LAUC-D Executive Board Minutes

Wednesday, December 8, 2004 2:30pm

Library Instruction Room


Agenda (as sent by Bob Heyer-Gray on Mon, 6 Dec 2004 4:27pm)


1.    Call to Order

2.    Announcements

3.    Old Business:

        a. Minutes of the October meeting

4.    New Business:

        a. LAUCD Professional Issues Committee on a pilot project to

        promote recruitment to the librarian profession at UC Davis.


        b. Proper and best use of research committee funds. (Dan)

        c. Proposal for LAUC statewide to start up its own journal. (Dan)

5.    Other.

6.    Adjournment.



Revised Agenda on December 8th, 2004


1.    Call to Order

2.    Old Business:

        a. Minutes of the October meeting

3.    Announcements

4.    New Business:

        a. LAUCD Professional Issues Committee on a pilot project to

        promote recruitment to the librarian profession at UC Davis.


        b. Proper and best use of research committee funds. (Dan)

        c. Proposal for LAUC statewide to start up its own journal. (Dan)

5.    Adjournment.





LAUC-D Executive Board Minutes

Wednesday, December 8, 2004 2:30pm

Library Instruction Room


Attending Officers: B. Heyer-Gray (Chair); K. Darr (Vice Chair); R.

Gustafson (Secretary/Recorder)


Attending Committee Chairs: D. Goldstein (Research); Sarah John

(Nominations & Elections); David Michalski (Program); Jerry Thompson

(Professional Activities Committee, PAC)


Guests: None


1.    Call to Order:  Called at 2:43pm


2.    Old Business:


a. Minutes of the October meeting.  Some corrections were made by Bob

Heyer-Gray.  Final minutes will be sent out with corrections to Exec Bd.



3.    Announcements


a. Program Committee Plans:


David Michalski passed a draft of the Program Committee flyer concerning

the upcoming monthly series of talks, starting Winter Quarter 2005.  Some

of the titles of the talks are still pending.  Events will be held the 3rd

or 4th Friday of each month, January-May, at 2-3:30pm in the Library

Instruction Lab.  A couple of the speakers have asked that their

honorariums be donated to non-profits and this is being investigated.

Light refreshments will be provided and the public is invited.  There has

been a suggestion to have some others in the summer.  The flyer will be

sent out in January and promotion will be placed in the campus newspaper

as well as ads.  Each talk will be about 40 minutes with time for Q&A.



4.    New Business:

        a. LAUCD Professional Issues Committee on a pilot project to

        promote recruitment to the librarian profession at UC Davis.


A two-page "Proposal for Pilot Librarian Recruitment Activity" was passed

around to the LAUC-D Executive Board and distributed by e-mail.  Sandy was

unable to attend the Board meeting but she sent an e-mail with attachment

(see attached) to the Executive Board and Terri Malmgren's comments were

added concerning the breadth of background of participants (different

subject/specialization areas) for this proposed project.  Some names of

potential participants were discussed at the Professional Issues meeting

such as Jared Campbell (electronic services) and Rebecca Davis.

Executive Board gave the Professional Issues committee the OK to move

forward with this pilot project.


        b. Proper and best use of research committee funds. (Dan)


Dan distributed a two-page document titled "LAUCD Exec Bd Research funding

revisions 04" via e-mail to the LAUC-D Executive Board on Tuesday,

December 7th, 2004 at 2:25pm


Dan discussed the origins of LAUC Research funds with Cindy Castenada and

reviewed the MOU.  The MOU directs that a minimum of $22,680 be allocated

to the Research and Professional Development needs of *represented*

librarians. Currently, the entire $3,500 annual allocation of the Research

Committee derives from this source so that the terms of its use are

governed by the MOU.  So technically, this money should not fund research

by *non-represented* librarians.  Dan noted that LAUC statewide has a

separate pot of money for represented and non-represented librarians.


The remainder of the MOU designated $22,680 is allocated to the PAC for

use by represented librarians.  When distributed equally among represented

librarians it comes to less than the $600/librarian level of support

offered by the library.  The difference is made up from the library's

general fund and an additional $600/non-represented librarian is also

allocated to the PAC from the General fund.


If the proposed end-of-year transfer of funds from Research to PAC is

agreed upon, PAC will need to revise its procedures.


It was emphasized that it is extremely important that we maintain some

funding support for non-represented librarians but how it is done is NOT

under LAUC-D purview.



1) Dan Goldstein will talk with George Bynon

2) The Research Committee will develop an amendment to LAUC-D Bylaws to

allow PC to ask for year-end money to be transferred from the Research



It would be important to draw down the amount currently residing in the

LAUC-D Research Committee funds as the risk is there that the money may



In the MOU, Point #8 states that "committed but unspent money is carried

over" (for the Research funds) while "all other funds do not carry over".


David M. suggested that these moneys may be useful for those applying for

travel for research grant activities. Still protect the core of Research

Committee activities.


Karleen D. noted that should have a timeline for spending down.


Dan G. pointed out that we have no assurance of carry-over money lasting

and that perhaps of the amount higher than $7,000, transfer some of it.


David M. stated that maybe this could be not just year-end reimbursement

but could award money up front before someone goes on travel.


Jerry T. noted that there is a formula for PAC to follow which could be



Dan G. pointed out that PAC could say "we need this much money" at year's

end and then the Research Committee can note "we can cover it all" or if

not then PAC can go back to the formula.  For current year's funds, hope

we have two defined streams of dollars for represented and

non-represented.  MOU just set the dollars for grant total, not

specifically how much comes to the Research Committee.  Count from Cindy

on the current librarian numbers is 30 represented librarians vs. 11

non-represented librarians.




1) Dan will first contact other LAUC Research Committees in the UC

*before* going to George.


2) Jerry will bring the results of LAUC campus PACs informal survey back

to committee


Bob H-G asked why can't the PAC money roll over? It was noted that had

been tried unsuccessfully.


Continued discussion ensued.  How many research grants awarded -- do we

follow system-wide rules?  Many campused don't even have a Research

Committee but just a PAC.  We could change the rules to request travel

awards.  Bob H-G thought that UCB may handle it that way.


3) LAUC-D Executive should request that University Library provide

funds for research by non-represented librarians.


What is the procedure to change the rules?

* not in the LAUC-D Bylaws

* only say to follow statewide rules but these are not consistent and are


* seems that Research Committee will discuss whether to fund travel grants

and develop form

* bring form to LAUC-D Executive Board

* present to LAUC-D general membership



        c. Proposal for LAUC statewide to start up its own journal. (Dan)


Dan distributed a one-page draft concerning the above topic titled "LAUCD

via e-mail to the LAUC-D Executive Board on Tuesday, December 7th, 2004 at

2:25pm (see attached)


The LAUC-D Research Committee drafted a proposal for LAUC statewide to

"assess the feasibility of a LAUC-sponsored, open-access, peer-reviewed

journal in library science, tentatively titled *Library Science*."


This journal would not be strictly a house organ for LAUC members to

publish in but would be international.  It would be an archival, stable,

no-cost and open access professional library journal.  It woudl give us as

UC librarians good experience in running a journal ourselves.


What's the process for forwarding this proposal?

* written up with Dan's name and the LAUC-D Research Committee

* reviewed by LAUC-D Executive Board

* Bob brings to LAUC statewide via e-mail


Bob noted that UC eScholarship has a new peer-reviewed journal in chemical



Dan remarked that is would be highly instructive to get even just a report

from the Ad Hoc committee on the feasibility of producing this journal.


5.    Adjournment.


Meeting adjourned at 4:12pm







November 22, 2004


TO:                  Bob Heyer-Gray

                        Chair, LAUC Davis

FROM:            Sandy Vella

                        Chair, LAUCD Professional Issues Committee

RE:                   Proposal for Pilot Librarian Recruitment Activity



The LAUC Davis Professional Issues Committee was charged by the LAUC-D Executive Board to review options and make recommendations on developing a program, or a series of LAUC-D sponsored activities, which would be directed toward recruiting UC Davis graduates, undergraduates and library staff to the library profession.


The Professional Issues Committee (S. Vella, Chair, P. Durkin, E. Murphy, D. Johnson), Karleen Darr, LAUC-D Vice President and ex-officio, and some interested librarians (Rebecca Davis, Ruth Gustafson, Melissa Browne) met on October 20, 2004 to discuss our options.  Rebecca Davis had provided a recruitment proposal earlier in the year to the LAUC-D Executive Board that recommended that LAUC-D sponsor an annual recruitment event to be held in Shields Library.  In the meantime, Ruth Gustafson had an opportunity to speak with Teresa Dillinger of the UCD Internship and Career Center who welcomed us to participate in one or more of their career day activities.


The Internship and Career Center can help us put on a one hour stand-alone workshop on campus.  They schedule the room and handle publicity and we can direct it toward undergrads or grads or both.  The Internship and Career Center also conducts an annual major career activity, their Pathways Career Symposium. This activity is directed toward graduate students.


After a thorough discussion, our committee and, all librarians present at this meeting, strongly support participating in the UCD Internship & Career Center’s Pathways Career Symposium that is scheduled to take place on Saturday, May 14, 2005.  This is suggested as a pilot effort so that we can review our goals and strategy at a later date.  It will require the assistance of several librarians for a one-hour panel presentation on May 14th. 


We plan to:

·        discuss how one can become a librarian - online and in person options. 

·        discuss the variety of types of librarian positions possible, including different types of work environments (public, university, special libraries, discuss new trends – working with digital resources, etc.)

·        have librarians from different types of libraries present to talk to students

·        provide handouts

I spoke with Teresa Dillinger today (Nov 22) and she indicated that we should:


·        Provide her with names of not more than 3 speakers and a one paragraph biography for each of them by January 2005

·        Provide handouts – very much requested by students  (bring to event)



Teresa Dillinger will select a one-hour slot sometime between 9:30 am – 3pm for our panel presentation and we will be given a room, with Internet connections, in Wellman Hall.


She indicated that approximately 250 graduate students attend the Symposium, with anywhere from 20 – 80 to a session.  Concurrent sessions will be taking place throughout the day.


If the Executive Board approves this pilot venture, the Professional Issues Committee will select speakers for the event, issue a call for a mentor pool of librarians who can be called upon to speak with interested students and confirm our participation in the Pathways Career Symposium.  It is also envisioned that the Professional Issues Committee would work with the LAUC-D Program Committee in future events for both content and program/site setup.


LAUC-D Executive Board approval is requested as soon as possible so that we can begin the planning for this event.