LAUC-D Executive Board Minutes
December 16, 2002
Present:  Patsy Inouye (Chair), Karen Andrews, Karleen Darr, Rebecca 
Davis, Ken Firestein, Annie Lin, Terri Malmgren, Gail Nichols, Sandra 
Vella, Diana King (Recorder)
1.  Meeting was called to order at 9:10 AM.
2.  Approval of Minutes:
Minutes from November 18, 2002 were approved with corrections.
3.  Peer Review Documents Review Committee:
The committee hasn’t met for a year, and the Board discussed the possible 
continuation of previous work concerning the C-9 document split between 
Represented and Non-Represented categories.  Initially, the committee had 
drafted an amalgamation of the two annotations into one document, 
including procedures.    P. Inouye suggested the continuation of the 
committee with a charge to keep working on local language in the 
documents.  While the charge might also include looking at local language 
concerning criteria for movement from Step 6 to Step 7, this will not be 
included until more debate and resolution has taken place at the Statewide 
level on Position Paper #1.  The PRDRC will most likely be comprised of 
members from the old committee and some new members to replace those 
rotating off.
4.  LAUC Statewide:
Information Literacy is on the Senate Education Policy agenda; Esther 
Grassian will attend on behalf of LAUC.
Cooperative collecting will be the theme of Spring Assembly, including 
improving dialogue between LAUC and ULs in the system. 
The NRLF has received a budget cut from Berkeley as the maintaining 
institution.  The Executive Board is considering the issue of whether or 
not one school can make a unilateral budget cut to a shared facility, and 
may pose the question to CDL.
At Fall Assembly, Myron Okada discussed several issues from the UC Office 
of the President.  The Academic Senate is also involved in discussion of 
the Distinguished Step, and there was some discussion of the separation of 
librarians from a parity increase in comparison to Senate faculty.  Though 
UC will keep funding merit increases in salary, there will be no cost of 
living increase.  Instead, UC is offering a 5% CAP program with annuity.  
Also, a proposed tuition fee waiver for children of UC employees is now on 
the back burner.  
Dan Greenstein discussed how to “bring value” to the UC system in the 
midst of budget cuts.  This means thinking about a different kind of “one 
library” collections model, where each school may not have a “core” 
collection in every discipline.
5.  New Business:
 K. Firestein:  It would be beneficial to have a conversation about 
communication with the Systems Department, including balancing priorities 
with patron needs and security.  At another meeting, the Board could 
discuss what specifically might be the LAUC issues involved (since EISAC 
and RIO are also talking about this).
The next Executive Board meeting will be at 9:00 on January 13, because 
the regularly scheduled meeting is on a holiday.
R. Davis:  The Research Committee is planning a Campus Authors in 
January, depending on the scheduling of ALA.  An Endnote session is 
scheduled for Jan. 28th with a vendor regarding version 6.
K. Andrews:  With the constant system-wide proliferation of retirements, 
new positions, announcements, etc., is there a way to centrally 
compile/disseminate this information in a more consistent way?
Answer: These usually don’t come out until an “official” announcement is made. 
LAUC might have a role to play in collecting these announcements in one place.
6.  Meeting adjourned at 11:00 AM.