LAUC-D Executive Board Minutes

November 14, 2003 (Approved)


Present: T. Malmgren (Chair), B. Heyer-Gray, C. Craig, R. Gustafson, N. Kushigian, D. Goldstein, P Inouye, D. King (Recorder)


1. Call to order: 9:10 by T. Malmgren

2. Minutes of October Meeting: Approved without addition or correction

3. Old Business:
(a). Follow-ups: The statewide Information Literacy Task Force will end its charge in December 2003, so there was no need to find another representative. At the next General Membership meeting, George Bynon will present more detail on the 14.35 FTE staff cuts.

(b). Lunch with new librarians:
The Board discussed various ways to approach this. Instead of a formal presentation or large lunch outside the library, R. Gustafson suggested a brown bag reception and discussion in the library. Executive Board members could each bring a food item, and committee chairs could give new members a brief description of the flavor of each committee. It was also suggested that this could be connected to an informal mentorship between librarians knowledgeable about the review process and new librarians, though more follow-up would be needed for this to be most effective. T. Malmgren will look at the conference room schedule and see about the best time to arrange this.

(c).Program Survey Report & other Committee Reports:
R. Gustafson reported that the final analysis of the survey is not yet complete. The Fall Reception went well, with 32 attendees out of 64 LAUC members. After the Mondavi Center tour, other upcoming events may include a program in December or January from top survey suggestions. Suggestions for other possible campus speakers are welcome.

Review Board: N. Kushigian reported that the Board has now reviewed two temporary and two permanent appointments.

Research Committee: D. Goldstein reported that the committee hopes to encourage more applicants. The deadline for draft proposals for statewide funding is January 5. The committee has met once to approve a local grant. The pot of money has increased for local grants this year, but attracting candidates is still difficult. In the past, grant money could be used to replace reference hours at work; is this now the case? D. Goldstein will communicate with G. Bynon about this issue.

(d). LAUC-D brochure draft:
D. King listed the categories for the brochure, but it is still being composed. Ideally, it will be completed by the time of the meeting/lunch with new librarians. The end of January will be the absolute end date for its completion.

4. New Business
(a). Statewide nominations:
The Board discussed possible candidates from all campuses for LAUC statewide Vice-Chair and Secretary, submitting five suggested names for each.

(b). Statewide Committee Charges:
The statewide Committee on Professional Governance is currently investigating the role of the UL in the review process []. This has potential impact on local review language, and the role of the AUL, Review Initiator, and Academic Federation are also important. Should we use the statewide charges to write new local language, and consult with the PRDRC because of the current represented/non-represented distinction?
Action: T. Malmgren and N. Kushigian will consult on the best way to clarify local procedures and process. Issues include exactly when the UL becomes active in the review process, any new procedural changes, and how the process works in unusual and/or contested review situations.


(c). Budget reports
Cindy Casteneda explained different aspects of LAUC budget reports, including how grant recipient money is reimbursed. LAUC-D grant recipients still must fill out travel forms; let Debbie Ojakangas know if the money is coming out of professional development funds. Some items cannot be automatically reimbursed, so occasionally pre-payment needs to be discussed in advance. C. Casteneda can meet one-on-one to go over individual details of reports, and a more detailed report with individual item expenses can be requested.


(d). Position Paper #1 Draft:
The draft is now available for public viewing from the statewide task force. PPI has been posted with suggested wording changes, but is still not in its final draft. This will be voted on at Statewide Fall Assembly. It is still unclear whether distinguished status will even be included in the paper, or will become the subject of a new paper.

(e). Agenda for General Meeting:
The next General Membership Meeting will be on November 25, 9-11 AM. The agenda will include reports from T. Malmgren and committee chairs, a discussion of PPI and the Information Literacy Task Force report for Fall Assembly, a personnel report from G. Bynon, and a report from the University Librarian. P. Inouye noted that the PRDRCís suggestions had been discussed at the last membership meeting, but nothing was formally approved.

5. Meeting Adjourned: 11:00 AM