LAUC-D Executive Board Minutes

October 10, 2003


Present: T. Malmgren (Chair), B. Heyer-Grey, D. Morrison, C. Craig, D. Goldstein, D. King (Recorder)


1. Call to Order: 9:05 AM

2. Review of Minutes:
Minutes from September 12, 2003 were approved without additions or corrections.

3. Old Business:
     a.  After consulting with G. Bynon, T. Malmgren provided an update on the role of administrative funding for the Distinguished Librarian award. Library Administration will provide $1000 for the award, thus not requiring LAUC-D to take the money from its existing budget. T. Malmgren was also given the official timeline for consideration of the award. D. Goldstein will examine old LAUC-D minutes to review procedures and to see how frequently the award has been given.

     b.  The 2003/4 committee roster is now complete and available on the LAUC-D website.

     c.  D. Morrison inquired about the upcoming Fall Assembly. LAUC-D will send three voting delegates (Chair, Vice-Chair, and Secretary) to the Assembly on December 5 at UC Berkeley. Other LAUC-D members may also attend the meeting.

4.  New Business:
     a.  Review Board Report
Review Board Chair N. Kushigian reported to T. Malmgren via e-mail that the Board has approved one appointment for a temporary librarian position, and met on October 8 with G. Bynon and past review board members to discuss procedures.

     b.  Program Committee Report
Program Chair R. Gustafson reported to T. Malmgren via e-mail on Committee activities. Top tasks for the upcoming LAUC-D Fall reception will be location and establishment of date. R. Gustafson is also currently writing the report on the Committee’s survey, which had a return of 38 responses. Tentative plans for the Committee are based on guidelines of trying to have one activity per month:
October: Lunch & Chat, possibly reception?
November: Possibly reception? Campus tour
December: Program (possibly Pat Wagner)

     c.  LAUC-D brochure
D. King and R. Gustafson will report on the LAUC-D brochure/introductory web page draft at the next Executive Board meeting.  A draft will be sent to the Board for review before a discussion to help expedite the review process.

     d.  LAUC-D budget
D. Goldstein suggested inviting someone from Accounting to explain some of the more confusing aspects of the budgets from last year’s committees, since the drafts tend to be intricate and difficult to read. T. Malmgren also suggested asking the previous chair for information on how much money was spent, and how it was distributed. It may also be possible for the LAUC-D Secretary to request money for photocopying expenses.

5. Other items
D. Goldstein inquired about a possible agenda item for the next General Membership meeting. The library has given up 14.35 FTEs, but there has been little communication about where this occurred and how Administration has dealt with the personnel gaps. Could Administration give a report on this to a greater extent? T. Malmgren will ask G. Bynon about addressing this issue and report back.

The next Executive Board meeting will be on November 14 in the first floor Conference Room.

6.  Meeting adjourned: 9:30 AM