LAUC-D Executive Board

October 19, 2001


Present: Gail Nichols (chair), Buzz Haughton (secretary), Bob Heyer-Gray, Karen Andrews, Marcia Meister, Myra Appel


Chair Nichols called the meeting to order at 9:20 a.m.


The minutes of the Executive Board meeting of September 14, 2001 were approved with one correction: on page two, in the first paragraph, the sentence beginning “Work for the Review Board …” should read: Work for the Review Board in 2000-2001 was very heavy: selected 1999 reviews were eligible for review once again, and a large number of evaluations came through as well.


Chair’s Report (Gail Nichols): Gail put out a call via email to recruit LAUC-D members to serve on some Recruitment Advisory Committees (RACs). She gathered three to five names for each RAC; the University Librarian will will select one for each RAC. Chair Nichols called as many LAUC-D members as she could get in touch with before submitting names. Letters inviting LAUC-D members to serve were distributed quickly. There are at present seven professional positions under recruitment. Myra Appel asked if some way could be found to notify librarians’ supervisors when those they supervise are asked to serve on RACs. Karen Andrews said that her AUL informs her, but this is at the discretion of the AUL. Myra asked if these names are confidential; Chair Nichols said that the names that come to her are. Karen wanted to know where the job announcements of the positions under recruitment are; “in all the usual places” is the Library Administration’s reply. This would include a number of listservs.


Distinguished Librarian (Gail Nichols): It turns out that there is no time during Fall Quarter to have the ceremony honoring this year’s Distinguished Librarian. The recipient, Karl Kocher, is willing to postpone the observation until next quarter. Carol LaRussa is preparing an announcement. The Program Committee will plan the ceremony, including refreshments.


C-9 Documents (Gail Nichols): C-9 documents are on the Personnel page on the S: drive. Since this drive is available only to General Library server addresses, the documents will have to be moved to make them available to LAUC-D members in locations like the Law Library. Buzz will work on swapping these documents to a different location. A Board member asked if the two versions of C-9 being used as source documents this year in the review cycle need to be approved by LAUC-D. According to George Bynon, there is no new wording of the local language, so approval should not be necessary. Karen Andrews advocated soliciting LAUC-D members’ opinions. Chair Nichols agreed and said she would put discussion of the C-9 documents on the agenda for the general membership meeting to be held prior to the Fall Assembly. Marcia Meister reminded the group that the two versions of C-9 were sent to Vice Chancellor Horowitz as drafts.


Chair Nichols said that the academic salary scales on the web reflect the COLA granted on October 1. See Table 31 (


Committee Appointments (Gail Nichols): The only LAUC-D committees still needing appointments are Nomination and Elections and Research, both of which need not be appointed to immediately. Chair Nichols thinks it is better this year not to issue specific new charges to committees, given the demands on librarians’ time in 2001-2002.


Fall Assembly (Gail Nichols): Chair Nichols has appointed a committee (Marcia Meister, Jerry Thompson, Elaine Franco, Hans Rocke and Lisa Jerant) to coordinate the Fall Assembly. John Sherlock will coodinate pickups at the airport and Amtrak station. There is as yet no agenda for the assembly. Marilyn Sharrow will give the welcome speech.


Mentoring New Librarians (Gail Nichols): Chair Nichols distributed three printouts of mentoring programs in effect at Cornell, the University of Michigan and Yale. There was discussion about similarities and differences among the programs. Myra Appel advocated an informal arrangement to any mentoring program at UCD; she said that a librarian should be able to get mentoring from more than one other librarian, and that mentoring should be available to both supervisors and non-supervisors. Mentoring is important “for the long run.” During the first six months of a librarian’s tenure, more basic kinds of mentoring should be available to him/her, e.g. logistics and who’s who. This would be a good time for a mentored librarian to build valuable social contacts. Chair Nichols asked Karen Andrews if she would be willing to organize some kind of inaugural mentoring gathering for the several new librarians coming on board in the next few months; Karen said yes, probably a dinner. Chair Nichols agreed to serve as host. Someone could be asked to speak on a topic of interest to librarians, and more practical questions like “Where can I get …” could be addressed as well. Karen will organize a mentoring committee.


Meetings (Gail Nichols): Chair Nichols will schedule a general membership meeting for Wednesday, November 7 or Thursday, November 8, depending on Marilyn Sharrow’s availability. The group decided to plan a tentative Executive Board meeting for earlier in the same week of the general membership meeting, contingent on whether there are items on the Fall Assembly agenda that the Executive Board should discuss in advance. The Executive Board meeting can be cancelled if there is nothing to discuss.


Bob Heyer-Gray mentioned the results of the librarian retention committee he served on that was chaired by Marilyn Sharrow. The group discussed the lack of opportunity for librarians to learn management techniques, mentoring and sabbaticals for librarians, among other topics. The committee was chaired by John Sherlock.


The meeting was adjourned at 10:45 a.m.


Respectfully submitted,


Buzz Haughton, Secretary