LAUC-D Executive Board Meeting 09/06/06
2:30 4:00 First floor Conference Room

Agenda for Part I chaired by Karleen:

1. Call to order

2. Announcements

3. Minutes of the previous meeting

4. Tips/advice from outgoing board


Attendees: Karleen Darr, Barbara Hegenbart, Bob Heyer-Gray, Deanna Johnson, Diana King, Karl Kocher, Xiaoli Li, Daryl Morrison, Erin Murphy, Adam Siegel, Lisa Spagnolo, Bernadette Swanson, Sandy Vella

Part I chaired by Karleen

1. Call to order
The meeting was called to order by Karleen Darr at 2:37.

•  Announcements
Karleen still needs annual reports from some committee chairs. Please forward them to her and Diana King.

•  Minutes of the previous meeting
The minutes were approved as distributed.

•  Tips/advice from outgoing board
KD: Be more assertive in setting up a meeting early in the year with the University Librarian to discuss the issues for the upcoming year.

SV: Initial charges to the committees can change and evolve through the year. Better communication by the chairs can ensure that progress is made.

EM: On big issues, it's helpful for the secretary to include as much discussion as possible in the rough draft of the minutes if the Chair needs to craft a response to the UL or to the membership at large.

XL (Program): It's important to include the committee members as much as possible. This allows for the delegation of tasks as well as the input of fresh ideas for possible programs. The Fall Reception should be calendared to allow any incoming librarians to attend and be introduced. Outside speakers should be mailed parking permits so they don't have to pay the cost (Debbie Ojakangas has the permits).

DM (Professional Activities): The dearth of information on the travel software made the committee's work on the charge difficult but they were able to learn about how other LAUC divisions handle the funds which allowed the committee members to brainstorm about alternatives.

BS (Nominations & Elections): Document everything and pass on to the next chair.

DK(web site): She will draft a policy on archiving hard copy material and present to the Board. The web site will be restructured to give each committee their own page. The roster of committee members should be completed early in the year and forwarded for adding to the site because that is a very popular page. Also, final versions of minutes should be forwarded as soon as possible after they are approved.

3:05 Karleen handed over chairing of the meeting to Sandy Vella.



 Agenda for Part II chaired by Sandy Vella:

5. LAUC-D committee vacancies
6. Issues for 2006/2007

7. Adjournment


Attendees: Sandy Vella, Karleen Darr, Barbara Hegenbart, Deanna Johnson, Bob Heyer-Gray, Karl Kocher, Xiaoli Li, Erin Murphy, Daryl Morrison, Adam Siegel, Diana King, Bernadette Swanson.

5. LAUC-D Committee Vacancies:

LAUC President Visit to UC Davis
Lise Snyder, LAUC President, to be visiting all campuses. A brown bag lunch is scheduled for Sept. 14, 2006, 12:00 PM 1:00 PM in Conference room #1.

LAUC Fall Assembly at UC Davis
Karleen Darr is organizing the LAUC Fall Assembly. Diana King will handle related web site. Two locations identified: University Club and Buehler Alumni Center in the Alpha Gamma Rho Room.

LAUC-D Appointed Positions
The Committee discussed candidates for appointee positions on LAUC-D committees.

Committee on Appointments, Promotions and Advancement (CAPA): 1 position (2 year appointment): Carolyn Kopper to be contacted by Sandy Vella.

Research Committee, 1 position, (2 year appointment): Roberto Delgadillo will be contacted by Sandy Vella.

Program Committee, 2 positions (1 year appointments): Phoebe Ayers and Kathy Stroud will be contacted by Sandy Vella.

Professional Issues Committee, 1 position (2 year appointment): Melissa Browne will be contacted by Sandy Vella.

Nominations & Elections Committee, 2 positions (1 year appointment): Elisabeth McKechnie to be contacted by Sandy Vella. The second position to be filled by Vice-Chair/Chair-Elect, Barbara Hegenbart.

LAUC State-wide Appointments:
Appointments to Diversity Committee to be selected by ADCOM (2 year appointment).
Discussion on candidates for the following committees: Bylaws Committee, Library Plans & Policies, Professional Governance.
Karl Kocher agreed to serve on Professional Governance Committee (1 year appointment).

6. Issues for 2006/2007

Professional Issues Committee Charge:
Discussion about possible issues for committee charge:

Mentoring, succession planning, fostering institutional memory, orientation (LAUC-D, AF).

7. Adjournment
The meeting was adjourned at 3:55 PM.