LAUC-D Executive Board Transition Meeting 9/2/05

2:00 – 4:00 p.m. First floor conference room


Part I, chaired by Bob Heyer-Gray

1.                  Call to order

2.                  Announcements

3.                  Minutes of the previous meeting

4.                  Tips/advice from outgoing board


Part II, chaired by Karleen Darr

5.         LAUC-D committee vacancies

6.         Issues for 2005/06

7.         Adjournment


Attending Officers: Bob Heyer-Gray (chair); Karleen Darr (Vice Chair/Incoming Chair); Erin Murphy (Incoming Secretary); Ruth Gustafson (Outgoing Secretary)

Attending Committee Chairs (Outgoing/Incoming): Nominations/Elections: Sarah John/Bernadette Swanson; Professional Issues: Peg Durkin (Incoming); Professional Activities: Jerry Thompson/Daryl Morrison; Program: David Michalski/Xiaoli Li; Research: Dan Goldstein/Barbara Hegenbart; CAPA: Pat French (Outgoing)


1.         Call to Order

The meeting was called to order by Bob Heyer-Gray at 2:07 p.m.

2.         Announcements? 

There were no announcements. 

3.         Minutes of previous meeting:

Minutes from the May 17 Executive Board meeting were approved pending some minor typographical corrections.

4.         Tips/advice: 

            Bob:  passed on copy of The Standard Code of Parliamentary Procedure by Alice Sturgis to Karleen; good idea to read bylaws early in your tenure; look at statewide schedule of meetings to plan ours ahead to discuss matters we want/need to give input on, schedule a general membership meeting ahead of election to allow for nominations from the floor per bylaws, set up a regular day and time for Executive Board meetings to streamline the scheduling process

            Ruth: had previously passed on a new binder for the LAUC-D Secretary which includes bylaws for handy referral.  In her review of these bylaws, she discovered that the LAUC-D minutes are to be sent to secretary of statewide and local divisions which had not been done. Those present at meeting felt this is no longer necessary since they do go up on the Web. She has developed more detailed description of what secretary does to eliminate confusion.  She will locate or create a list of LAUC/UCD/UC/CDL acronyms of various librarian groups and give to Erin and to Diana for posting on the LAUC-D web site.

            Karleen:  Sandy Vella (new incoming vice chair) was not present at meeting but Karleen noted that it’s important that the vice chair and chair have good communication

            Bernadette (Incoming): Sarah had previously given her the timeline for nominations/elections committee obligations, Bob suggested she pass on spreadsheet that tracks individual members’ participation

            Diana: updating of LAUC-D membership roster will be done; notify her if you see any changes that should be made

            Dan:  get the Vice Chair heavily involved

David: plan ahead as much as you can, scheduling activities on similar dates/times makes it easier for members to remember and attend (i.e. third Friday of every month)

Jerry: Daryl and I met with Debbie in June to go over records which are now in a database; previously the Committee had its own database and did the calculations themselves; new software program being used by Administration this fiscal year so unsure how it will impact PAC; verify level of participation  by person asking for money in the group, and then mail back to Debbie; send out reminder to people requesting money to clearly specify their participation at the event instead of relying on Committee to research it; daily activity needed by Chair to do this kind of thing but no real call for entire Committee to meet

Pat:  Committee member Cory Craig set up an Excel spreadsheet that tracked the meeting dates and which members were assigned lead on particular packets which ensured proper return of packets to Administration, Cory is rotating off but Pat suggested that this task be continued by a Committee member

Diana: it was the first year that the Secretary was not responsible for updating web site so good communication with the Secretary was important; 2005-06 Committee roster will be mounted on web site once vacant positions are filled; keep her on Executive Board email list so she can maintain the web site with the proper times/dates of meetings; there was some discussion about archiving material such as advertising of Program Committee events: should information passed on from Outgoing Chair to Incoming Chair be put on the web somewhere?  Ruth asked about existence of records retention standards but was told there are none

David.: there have been requests to record events, Bob reported that only about half of LAUC-D’s money was spent, it was determined earlier in the year that honorariums can be given but not to UC affiliates

Karleen Darr took over as Chair at 2:45

Ruth Gustafson, Diana King, Daniel Goldstein, David Michalski, Jerry Thompson, and Pat French left the meeting

5.         Committee vacancies

CAPA: a need for diversity was discussed, the names to be forwarded by Karleen to Incoming Chair Gail Nichols will be: Deanna Johnson, Carol La Russa, John Sherlock and Michael Colby

            Research: Susan Llano will be contacted by Karleen

            Program: Sheila Cunningham and Carolyn Kopper will be contacted by Karleen

            Professional Activities: Sarah John will be contacted by Karleen

            Nominations/elections: John Sherlock if not on CAPA?    Otherwise Melissa Browne or Katherine Chambers

Bob pointed out that there will also be a couple of statewide chances to volunteer.

6.         Issues for the 2005/2006 Year

Professional Issues Cmte: At the 8/10/05 General Membership meeting, a motion was passed asking the incoming chair to ask the Cmte to study the feasibility of setting up a LAUC-D scholarship for UC Davis library staff

Professional Activities and Research Committees:  PAC will work on re-formulating the  proposal to transfer unused funds from the Research Committee to PAC so that the idea can be put before the membership again. Barbara reported that accounting provided some insight on how to keep the money streams for represented and non-represented librarians separate.  Also Dan did a survey of other campuses’ procedures so that can be a source of information also.  The new software system that the Campus has purchased will not be used until the 2006-07 year. Since the idea is to streamline and reduce the paperwork involved, Karleen asked that the reallocation process done at the end of the fiscal year be reviewed.  A formal charge to both committees will be developed by Karleen in time for the next Board meeting.

Revision of LAUC Bylaws: The statewide Committee on Committees, Rules and Jurisdiction received a lot of feedback at the Spring Assembly concerning the simplification of the standing rules.  The LAUC Executive Board will receive a draft on September 15 and then have a conference call in October to discuss strategies for getting the changes passed: should they be proposed in chunks or all at once?  Carol LaRussa is the Davis division representative to the Statewide Committee.

E-Journal proposal: This idea did not receive a lot of support from other divisions.  Concerns included problems setting it up and sustaining it.  Maybe instead create a repository of pre and post-print papers?  Find an already established journal to partner with LAUC?  Jenny Reiswig as incoming LAUC chair will investigate informally with Dan Greenstein. CDL already has an e-repository and e-journals that they may allow LAUC members to participate in.  Barbara reported that previously CDL hasn’t been open to this idea but seem to be changing their stance. 

Movement from Librarian 6 to Librarian 7:  There is no current criteria indicating whether it’s one step or another distinguished step.  Documentation is needed so CAPA knows how to handle the situation should it come up.

Tentative calendar of events: Fall Assembly will be at UCSC on December 1 and 2 so we will plan to have a general membership meeting prior to that.  Spring Assembly will be at UCLA either early May or June.

Bibliographic Services Task Force: The Task Force is looking at developing an efficient way for UC Bibliographic Service units to operate.  Possibly choose Melvyl as the bibliographic utility instead of OCLC?  John Tanno put out a report and more work is being done now in preparation for a final report due October 3. 

Future meetings:  Monday September 26 at 10 a.m. to prepare for October conference call with Statewide Board, finalize committee memberships and formally issue charges.  Future meetings will be on the third Thursday from 1:30 – 3:30.


7.  Adjournment

The meeting was adjourned by Karleen Darr at 3:45.