LAUC-D Executive Board (2004/2005)
Transition Meeting
Meeting Minutes: September 14, 2004, 3-5 pm
Location: Shields Library, First Floor Conference Room
Attending Officers: B. Heyer-Gray (Chair); K. Darr (Vice Chair); R.
Gustafson (Incoming Secretary/Recorder); D. King (Outgoing
Secretary/Incoming Website Manager)
Attending Chairs: C. Craig (Outgoing Professional Activities); D.
Goldstein (Incoming Research); Sarah John (Incoming Nominations &
Elections); D. Michalski (Incoming Program); D. Morrison (Outgoing
Nominations & Elections/Incoming Vice-chair Professional Activities)
Guests: None
Original Agenda sent Sep 10, 2004 by Chair, Bob Heyer-Gray
1.  Call to Order.
2.  Announcements
3.  Old Business
    a. Minutes from previous executive board meeting.
4.  New Business:
    a. Committee Reports/Final Reports
    b. Tips from outgoing Chairs to Incoming Chairs
    c. Committee appointments.
    d. Fall Assembly
5.  Other
6.  Adjournment.
Changed/Added Agenda Items during meeting Sep 14, 2004
4.  New Business:
    d. Program Committee planning
    e. Roster discussion
    f. Fall Assembly
5. Other
    a. Dates for next LAUC-D Exec Bd meetings
1. Call To order: 3:06 pm
2. Announcements: None
3.  Old Business
    a. Minutes from previous executive board meeting.
Minutes from last LAUC-D Executive Board meeting (July 9, 2004) were
4.  New Business:
    a. Committee Reports/Final Reports
Chair Bob Heyer-Gray asked that outstanding reports please be submitted as
*soon* as possible.  Please e-mail to Heyer-Gray (,
copying Ruth Gustafson ( and Diana King
( King noted that even a minimal report is useful so
that the files and website have some documentation on committee activities
for each year.
    b. Tips from outgoing Chairs to Incoming Chairs (& Officers)
King commented that the board should think about what should be put in the
archives.  It should be determined what are the responsibilities for
Executive Board members for transferring files.  Discussion included:
Heyer-Gray pointing out that the website index pages should have snapshots
to show changes over time; Dan Goldstein noting that the Research
Committee has two boxes of files; it was also noted that working files
would be most important to maintain. Agreed that the most important
working files (other than those of the officers) are the Program and
Research Committees.  King and Gustafson have already met to discuss
Secretarial duties and plan to meet occasionally with King's role as the
new LAUC-D Website Manager.
Daryl Morrison's tips to Sarah John (Outgoing/Incoming Nominations &
Elections) were to learn the complexity of the various components of the
ballot; and ask for bylaws change to have two elected chairs (both a
Nominations & Elections chair and chair-elect) to facilitate transition
(much as is done with Program & Research Committees).  Gustafson and
Michalski have discussed some Program items and Gustafson will transfer
    c. Committee appointments.
Lengthy discussion ensued on the various committee slots still to be
appointed.  Committee chairs and Heyer-Gray will follow-up with potential
appointees.  Morrison and Goldstein absented from room during pertinent
committee discussion near the end of the two-hour meeting.
    d. Program Committee planning
David Michalski noted that the LAUC-D Fall Reception is nearly set with a
host arranged and potential dates either Tuesday, Oct 26th or Monday, Oct
25th. Other programs in the works may involve faculty editors as speakers
with the purpose of providing more faculty/librarian interaction
concerning scholarly communication and other pertinent issues.
    e. Roster discussion
King will start work on updating the LAUC-D website rosters for 2004/2005
of general members and officers/committees.  Gustafson will set up a
permanent UCD listproc which will facilitate communication among Executive
Board members.  List address should be   Gustafson
will confirm with Heyer-Gray as to subscribers to be added and protocols
for list use.
    f. Fall Assembly
Heyer-Gray noted that the General Fall Assembly will again be held on
Thursday on November 4th, 2004 with the LAUC statewide Executive members
meeting on Friday, November 5th, 2004.  Heyer-Gray and Darr reviewed
LAUC-D Bylaws to determine who is required to attend statewide assemblies
and who their allowable replacements might be.  Clarification still being
The new statewide LAUC President, Terry Huwe (UCB) plans to make the Fall
Assembly more program-driven and the Spring one more business-driven.  It
is hoped that this change will generate better participation beyond
required participants.  Heyer-Gray also mentioned that the Fall Assembly
webpage should be out at the end of this week, that the LAUC statewide
website is being re-designed, and that there will be Bylaws revisions.
Look for more Fall Assembly e-mails soon.
5. Other
    a. Dates for next LAUC-D Exec Bd meetings
Heyer-Gray proposed Fall Quarter LAUC-D Executive Board meetings be held
the 2nd Friday of each month from 10-11:30am.  Dates tentatively set are
Oct 8, Nov 12 and Dec 10 in the Shields Library, First Floor Conference
6. Meeting adjourned: 4:55 pm