LAUC-D Executive Board Minutes
Transitional Meeting
September 30, 2002

Present: Patsy Inouye (Chair), Karen Andrews, Myra Appel, Karleen Darr, Rebecca Davis, Buzz Haughton, Ken Firestein, Linda Kennedy, Annie Lin, Marcia Meister, Gail Nichols, Diana King (Recorder)

1. The meeting was called to order at 9:15 a.m.

2. Approval of minutes for last April's Executive Board meeting will take place at the next meeting.

3. Chair's Report: P. Inouye will forward e-mail messages from Statewide LAUC president Esther Grassian regarding various appointments and issues. One question from Grassian regarding a presidential visit to the Davis campus was discussed; it was agreed that the value of the visit would depend on having specific issues on hand for discussion, as well as coordination with the UL's schedule. Spring quarter was generally decided upon as the best time to consider the visit.

LAUC Fall Assembly will take place at UCSF on December 6. CDL Director D. Greenstein will be speaking to the membership, and a committee of three will review, select, and combine questions directed to Greenstein. Another panel of three librarians will respond to Greenstein's answers and present questions. The LAUC-D Professional Issues Committee will solicit questions from the membership, with a deadline of October 15. Question: Does anyone at Davis wish to serve on the three-person panel?

LAUC Statewide officers are now in place for the 2002-2003 year, including Linda Kennedy as Vice President/President-Elect. There are also several new LAUC representatives to NRLF and SRLF; CDC will further discuss NRLF at their next meeting.

R. Davis: The statewide LAUC page now features expanded information regarding research resources for librarians, including alternative funding options.

At UL meetings, LAUC can ask to be an agenda item in order to discuss a particular issue.

The system-wide CDC meeting will take place on Oct. 10, with emphasis on negotiating with Elsevier, journal archiving, and fostering better communication between CDL and bibliographer's groups. N. Kushigian will be unable to attend, so another rep. will go in her place.

LAUC's new interest in Information Literacy requires a system-wide committee comprised of faculty, staff, and students. UCD will need to select a representative to this group. Additionally, another all-campus group comprised only of librarians will be formed by the ULs. It is hoped these two groups can work in concert with one another.

4. Committee Appointments: The Board discussed the current 2002-2003 Officers and Committee Roster, including LAUC statewide appointments and candidates for local committees. The charge for the Professional Governance Statewide Committee will be sent over e-mail for consideration (also is on the UCOP website). The Ad Hoc Peer Review Documents Review Committee hasn't met recently, so membership may be considered at a later date. The Professional Activities Committee roster needs to be added to the website.

Issue: Should the Diversity Committee representative for UCD also act as the representative for Statewide LAUC? This would have to be coordinated with administration because of how the Diversity Committee is structured at this campus.

5. LAUC-D Issues: Minutes for the Executive and General meetings should stay on the front index web page for two years, then be moved to the Archive. Additionally, any by-law changes should be added to the website, and the LAUC-D page should be checked to make sure no documents are still left on the Staff server.

Annual reports from Committee Chairs are due on October 31.

General membership meetings will tentatively take place once a quarter, perhaps more if pressing issues arise. The Executive Board will meet on the 3rd Monday of every month at 9:00.

Issues for consideration at future meetings:
K. Andrews: How do new changes (Harvest, etc.) impact our work?
M. Meister: Recruitment committees/issues: should there be a LAUC committee, or discussion between LAUC chair and ADCom? How does this impact the hiring process?
K. Firestein: Provision of reference service-is this a LAUC or RIO issue? How can we improve the conversation? A possible brown bag reference forum, with program and discussion, was discussed as future option.

6. Fall Reception: Dates for the reception were discussed, including late October or November. Oct. 29 was tentatively mentioned as the best date.