Librarians Association of the University of California, Davis

Executive Board Minutes

September 14, 2001


Present: Gail Nichols (chair), Buzz Haughton (secretary), Erin Murphy, Marcia Meister, Karen Andrews, Bob Heyer-Gray, Patsy Inouye, Myra Appel, Daniel Goldstein, Carol LaRussa, Karleen Darr


Chair Nichols called the meeting to order at 9:10 a.m.


The minutes of June 8, 2001 were approved without corrections.


Announcements: Access to the library’s S: drive has changed. The LAUC-D webpage will have public access. Daniel Goldstein is working on our webpage. Past-chair Ken Firestein has forwarded PAC funding changes to the LAUC-D list. Requests for reimbursement for statewide LAUC meeting expenses should be directed to Debbie Ojakangas. Daniel is still compiling last year’s

LAUC-D committee annual reports. There will be a program in November at UCB entitled Forging Library Partnerships; an email about it has been sent to the LAUC-D list.


Officer Reports: Chair Nichols talked about the transitional LAUC Executive Board meeting that she and Patsy Inouye attended August 17. There will no longer be a need to notify other LAUC divisions when our minutes are posted. The LAUC-D email list is available to LAUC-D members only, so reports from LAUC or other divisions need to be forwarded to the LAUC-D membership. Appointments have been made to SOPAG; the list of interested librarians that was assembled to make the appointments will be retained for possible other tasks. UCD will be host to the Fall Assembly November 16. The Assembly will take place at the University Club. The Statewide LAUC Executive Board will meet in Shields Library’s First Floor Conference Room. We need a local arrangements committee. Dave Lundquist, who chaired the arrangements committee the last time UCD hosted a LAUC Assembly, will pass the information he has retained on to the new committee. Chair Nichols will solicit volunteers from the LAUC-D list.


LAUC Systemwide ran in the red last year. Travel costs are up. Patsy observed that the apparent shortfall is mostly a result of the bookkeeping LAUC must keep.


There will be an update to the Statewide LAUC Bylaws this year. UC’s legal counsel has made some suggestions as to changes in bylaws wording dealing with the interaction between the MOU and the APM. The Statewide Committee on Rules and Jurisdiction will put together the recommendations for the bylaws changes. UCD needs to appoint someone to this committee. A new chair of the Statewide Professional Governance Committee must be appointed this year as well. A report recommending bylaw changes will be made at the Fall Assembly.


Past Review Board Chair Karen Andrews reported that she has not yet finished the annual report. Work for the Review Board in 2000-2001 was very heavy: 1999 reviews were eligible for review, and a large number of evaluations came through as well.


Professional Activities Committee: Bob Heyer-Gray reported in Mary Eldredge’s absence for PAC: the budget for 2000-2001 was $25,660, amounting to $575 per librarian.


Program Committee: Karleen Darr reported on the Program Committee. Luncheon chats continued, although the numbers in attendance were not large. Turnout for the Fall Reception was very good. There were four programs during the academic year. The Picnic Day Open House was very successful.


Fall Reception: Erin Murphy announced that this year’s Fall Reception would take place at Jo

Anne Boorkman’s house November 7.


Distinguished Librarian Award: Carol LaRussa reported on the Distinguished Librarian award. A librarian has been chosen. Procedures for this event are not clear, given that it has happened only once so far. Having a ceremony in October would be difficult, since many Ex Libris training sessions are scheduled for next month. By November clear weather will not be certain, so scheduling an event for the library courtyard might require a backup strategy to move inside should

there be rain.


Peer Review Documents Review Committee: Patsy Inouye reported on the Peer Review Documents Review Committee (PRDRC), which she chairs. The committee met sporadically during the summer. The crux of its problem has been: What form should review documents be in? George Bynon has annotated the MOU with our local language, which should follow the language of the applicable APMs. He has sent his document to Barbara Horowitz. George would like the Review Board to use this document this year. Given the tempo of the PRDRC’s work, it could not have met the deadlines imposed by the LAUC-D chair last year when he convened the committee. In George’s document the language has been “flipped” so that is essentially local language as amended by the MOU and/or C-9. Much rewriting will be required, because the local language at the moment consists of mostly annotations. Karen Andrews pointed out that the APM’s language is not specific; the local language is specific and procedural. Whether to have one or two documents seems to be the central point of contention. The PRDRC would like to meet with the Review Board and the Academic Federation’s Personnel Committee or its delegates.


Through consensus the Board agreed to plan to meet on the third Friday of each month 9-11 a.m.


The Board spent some time deciding on librarians to be called on to fill several LAUC-D and statewide committees.


The meeting adjourned at 11 a.m.


Respectfully submitted,

Buzz Haughton