LAUC-D Executive Board Meeting 08/09/06

1:30 – 3:00 p.m. First Floor Conference Room



            1.         Call to Order

            2.         Minutes of the previous meeting

            3.         Summary of LAUC Spring Assembly

            4.         LAUC Executive Board discussion on Assembly

            5.         LAUC-D Travel Reimbursement Process

            6.         Committee reports

            7.         Adjournment


Attendees:  Karleen Darr, Peg Durkin, Barbara Hegenbart, Diana King, Karl Kocher, Annie Lin, Daryl Morrison, Erin Murphy, Bernadette Swanson, Sandy Vella


1.         Call to Order

The meeting was called to order by Karleen Darr at 1:35 p.m.


2.         Minutes of the previous meeting

The minutes were approved as distributed.


3.         Summary of LAUC Spring Assembly

Myron Okada, Director of Academic Personnel, reported on the UC compact with the State.  There will be a 2% range adjustment with another 1% allocated to offset health care costs.  Also, the Regents adopted a resolution that employees will be starting to contribute to the pension plan in order to keep it funded at the 95-110% level.


The Ad-Hoc Committee on Instructional Roles submitted their report.  The Executive Board accepted and filed it.


Esther Grassian gave a presentation about the Institutional Review Board and their policies on any research conducted involving humans.  There was also a program on the Davis Campus on August 2.


The program was on the subject of the report of the Bibliographic Services Task Force that was previously submitted.  The top actionable recommendations will be submitted to the UL.


Catherine Candee, Director of E-Scholarship, spoke about the status of UC repositories.  A survey will be going out to the faculty to find out what needs they have from the e-scholarship program.


4.         LAUC Statewide Executive Board discussion on Assembly

The financial report for LAUC Statewide shows a negative balance so LAUC Chair Jennifer Reiswig put forth the suggestion of cancelling Fall Assembly and asked for comments from the Divisions which were then shared.  Davis’ Executive Board does not support categorically dropping the Fall Assembly.  Suggestions included having the Executive Board meeting the same day as the Assembly or having it by teleconference sometime after Assembly.


5.         LAUC-D Travel Reimbursement Process

The PAC will take on the administrative activities that Debbie Ojakangas previously did regarding tracking librarians’ use of funds and determining distribution of any funds left at the end of the fiscal year.  The Committee will use Debbie’s database as a model.  Also, deadlines will be enforced more stringently in order to meet the campuswide June 30 deadline for dispersal of funds.  It was pointed out that there is a 1991 document outlining PAC’s procedures and polices on the web site that will need to be updated.


6.         Committee Reports

Annual reports should be sent to the Chair as well as to Diana for posting on the web site.  The report from the Nominations and Elections Committee was received.


7.         Announcement

Karleen shared that Shields Library is getting involved with Smartsite which is an open source software program that is taking the place of MyUCDavis.  Gail Yokote suggested that the LAUC-D Executive Board try using the various communication and collaboration tools provided by the software.


8.         Adjournment

The meeting was adjourned at 3:05.