LAUC-D Executive Board
Meeting Minutes: July 9, 2004

Present: T. Malmgren, P. French, D. Goldstein, R. Gustafson, D. Morrison, B. Heyer-Gray, D. King (Recorder)

1. Call To order: 9:05 AM

2. Review of Minutes: Minutes from last meeting (5/04) were approved with one correction.

3. Review Board: With the departure of N. Kushigian, the Board has now lost two officers. But, there is still one late packet to review. The remaining committee members reviewed the packet under the understanding that three people could be considered a quorum. The language in the by-laws did not specify this clearly in print, though. There will be at least one recruitment coming to a close for the Information Desk positions, so the Board may need to continue with three members until the end of August. The Review Board also makes recommendations on the professional level at which someone is hired.

N. Kushigian submitted the Board’s annual report to T. Malmgren, and this will be distributed later. One recommendation regarding the use of the term “line librarian” in review materials needs to be clarified further with N. Kushigian.

4. RAC recommendations
M. Sharrow has asked the Executive Board to submit names of potential LAUC-D members for the AUL for Administrative Services RAC. The Board composed a list of five names for consideration. Members also suggested that a slot of time be set aside for candidates to meet with LAUC, or that LAUC representatives be given the opportunity to walk candidates to different locations. T. Malmgren will propose this, since this position plays such a large role in the review process.

5. Committee Reports
Committee chairs should send in annual reports to T. Malmgren by the end of August.

6. Statewide Executive Board (T. Malmgren)
One campus requested that a list of librarians across the system be made publicly available, with information about step and rank as a possible method of promotion comparison.  This has now been modified as a proposal to provide a listing with step and rank only for statistical analysis, but no names attached, to protect privacy. The UCOP Office of Academic Affairs already keeps a list of librarians at each step.

7. Peer Review Documents (PEARLS)
The revisions proposed by the Peer Review Documents Review Committee will be a topic at the next General Membership meeting around the first part of August. There is a possibility that the language can be changed before next year’s review process. The Board commented on the proposed wording revisions (from C-9 to PEARLS), as well as overall procedures outlined in the documents. The following points were made:

*Since the documents state that at each step, the content of the review is based on the packet, the consultation between the review initiator and the AUL prior to review of any packet documentation should be removed.
*In the case of interim reviews, there is no resolution in the case of non-concurrence between the librarian and the review initiator. Typically, the review simply goes into the file and is not seen by the Review Board. When there is a disagreement on the content, there should be more guidance in the peer review documents.
*All other LAUCs do a self-evaluation and also handle the letter-writing process differently, so there are other models that can be followed.
*The candidate is given only one day to review the initiator’s letter. This should be extended to three days in order for the librarian to fully examine the letter.


8. Committee Reports

Program Committee (R. Gustafson): The committee is planning on arranging a tour of the ARC for later in the summer.

Nominations (D. Morrison): Names have been submitted of the individuals who volunteered for open positions on the committees. Nominations and Elections is the one committee that is new every year, meaning that the Chair is the highest elected office, and he/she comes in without much background in the process. Perhaps the structure of the committees needs to be reviewed, so that a Chair-elect can be named in preparation for the year after. This would involve a by-laws change.

9. Meeting adjourned: 11:00 AM