LAUC-D Executive Board Minutes
May 13, 2005


Agenda as sent by Bob Heyer on May 13, 2005:

1. Call to Order
2. Announcements
3. Minutes of the previous meeting
4. LAUC/LAUC-D Elections
5. Pathways Career Symposium, wrap-up
6. LAUC-D Research Committee
7. LAUC Open Access, Electronic Journal Feasibility
8. Position Papers (any additional comments/thoughts) for Spring
9. Committee on Committees, Rules and Jurisdiction interim report,
initial reaction/s
10. Adjournment


Revised Agenda

1. Call to Order
2. Announcements
ADDED 3. Old Business
4. Minutes of the previous meeting
5. LAUC/LAUC-D Elections
6. Pathways Career Symposium, wrap-up
7. LAUC-D Research Committee
ADDED 8. LAUC-D PAC process
9. LAUC Open Access, Electronic Journal Feasibility
10. Position Papers (any additional comments/thoughts) for Spring
11. Committee on Committees, Rules and Jurisdiction interim report,
initial reaction/s
12. Adjournment


LAUC-D Executive Board Meeting Minutes
Tuesday, May 17, 2005
10am-12 noon
2nd Floor Instruction Room

Attending Officers: Bob Heyer-Gray (Chair); Karleen Darr (Vice Chair);
Ruth Gustafson (Secretary/Recorder)

Attending Committee Chairs: Pat French (CAPA); Dan Goldstein (Research);
Sarah John (Nominations & Elections); David Michalski (Program) Sandy
Vella (Professional Issues)

1. Call to Order

The meeting was called to order by Bob Heyer-Gray at 10:12am

2. Announcements

David Michalski announced that there is one more program in the Library as Place series. Doug Adams from the Viticulture & Enology department will be presenting on next Friday, May 27th. The past program with the presentation by the California State Librarian, Susan Hildreth, was discussed. There was a good turnout with a mix of library staff and librarians. Members liked that she described in great detail what the State Library does and what the different sections are. A LAUC-D Board member noted that the State Library lost a significant number of staff in the last few state budget cuts and they're rebuilding. Ms. Hildreth wants to work with UC/UCD librarians.

David now has a process down where it is possible to give speakers honorariums. What is not known is how much can be spent on LAUC-D programs. There is no specified allocation. David will be meeting with incoming Program chairs Xiaoli Li and Adam Siegel to discuss future programs. One may be on copyright with Jan Dwyer speaking.

David met with UCD people who are connected with the UC Davis Campus Book projects. He reported a need for a more formal relationship
between the Community Book Project and the University Library. This may lead to a librarian being appointed to the book project committee. The
committee expressed a desire to show movies about the country of the next book's topic. These could be shown at the Shields Library 2nd floor Instruction Room.

ADDED Agenda item: 3. Old Business

No nominations were received for the LAUC-D distinguished librarian award. The webpage will be updated and the next cycle will be in 3 years.

4. Minutes of the previous meeting

Minutes from the March 4th LAUC-D Executive Board meeting were approved with possible changes to be made by Marcia Meister on her section.

5. LAUC/LAUC-D Elections

Sarah John noted that ballots will be sent out today, May 17th and an e-mail will be sent out. The deadline is June 8th. The ballots are thus going to be out within the 2 weeks guideline. There was some discussion about previous elections process and how the deadline is met. The ballots have to be in the ballot box by the end of the day on June 8th. The LAUC-D Secretary e-mails all election results (local and statewide) to the statewide LAUC Secretary by June 15, 2005.

6. Pathways Career Symposium, wrap-up

Sandy Vella noted that the symposium went well with 8 graduate students attending. It was highly competitive to get attendees with other simultaneous programs running. Should we participate next year? Discussion followed and it was felt that it would be good to be visible and share our profession with others. More discussion involved the stereotypical image of a librarian.

Getting back to the Pathways program, Karleen Darr noted that there were four questions put to the panel. She felt it was worthwhile to do again. Discussion followed about repeating this program as a lunch program at Shields with a modified panel which would include someone currently going to library school. This modified lunch program would be for library staff and library student workers. This will be an activity for the PI committee for next year, perhaps late fall before finals and after mid-terms.

7. LAUC-D Research Committee

Daniel Goldstein and the Research Committee met with Cindy Castaneda and Debbie Ojakangas to clarify the Research Committee funding streams. The final version to send out will be reviewed by Cindy, Debbie and by John Tanno.

Chair Bob Heyer-Gray tried to arrange a meeting to discuss final questions about the two streams of funding from the MOU (for represented librarians) and the General library funds (unrestricted). Another question is about the money that has historically been rolled over and whether this money is still tied to the original use (for represented or non-represented). Clarification is still being sought.

The Research committee will recommend that the money be tracked and it will probably be done by the Research Committee rather than by Library Accounting. Barbara Hegenbart is the incoming LAUC-D Research Committee chair. More discussion followed about how to deal with this process. It is advisable to try to match the systemwide model.

ACTION: The Research committee will write up Research Committee rules and procedures for tracking two streams of funding.

New Research committee guidelines for receiving funding for travel will be posted. These were discussed at the last LAUC-D General membership meeting.

ADDED 8. LAUC-D PAC process

Bob Heyer-Gray noted that the practice of year-end reimbursements of PAC money needs to change due to UCD accounting software changes. A lengthy discussion ensued on how un-reimbursed librarian expenses could continue to be tracked since the software apparently won't allow for this.

ACTION: Chair Heyer-Gray will talk with Debbie Ojakangas about this.

8. LAUC Open Access, Electronic Journal Feasibility

The report came out and Bob asked LAUC-D membership to review it. See
Janet Martorana of UCSB will bring up at the LAUC statewide Spring Assembly.

Daniel Goldstein noted that they tried to design a journal which would be well-supported. The committee talked to editors of journals (both print and electronic). Expenses were noted in the report. The idea of recommending guest editors for theme issues was explored. Reputable guest editors and or important issues/topics for the theme can attract authors.

ACTION: Bob will request if LAUC-D Executive Board or LAUC-D membership have comments on this report. Bob will bring these comments to the Spring Assembly.

9. Position Papers (any additional comments/thoughts) for Spring Assembly

Bob Heyer-Gray noted that the proposals on the position papers were send out a couple of months ago. Delegates voted to accept with recommendations.

10. Committee on Committees, Rules and Jurisdiction interim report, initial reaction/s

The LAUC statewide president would like discussion on this report before the meeting. It recommends re-working the bylaws into standing rules to help improve the work process. There are three items: the report, the reworked bylaws, and the standing rules.

ACTION: LAUC-D Executive Board should look at the report and, if any comments or questions, send to Bob or ask Carol La Russa, our UCD representative to this committee by May 31.

Of major concern is the reduction in the number of officers on the LAUC Statewide Board.

11. Adjournment

Meeting was adjourned at 11:58am