LAUC Executive Board Minutes: May 22, 2001;

Present: K Firestein, M. Wood, K. Darr, L. Kennedy, N. Kushigian, C. LaRussa, D. Goldstein (recorder)


Toopic 1.  Budget:  LAUC-D has typically not submitted a budget to the library, but has instead received funding typically, $2,500/year.  K. F. strongly recommended that a budget be developed and submitted.  Among the items and preliminary amounts discussed for inclusion in a budget were:


Distinguished Librarian Award  $1,000 + funds to purchase a plaque.


Refreshments budget        $375

Money for Speakers $500 + Refreshements for event $300

Fall Reception (see below) $2000

Picnic Day Program $200


Topic 2:  Board discussed the possibility of hosting a Fall Reception at the Chancellors Home.  It was suggested that this would be an appropriate time to Award the Distinguished Librarian Award.  Also proposed that Library Staff be invited.


Topic 3:  Another reception proposed at the meeting was one to recognize current and former Retirees, both staff and librarians, perhaps at the Putak Creek Lodge.


Topic 4:  Discussion of the Selection Process for LAUC Representatives on the UL Advisory Groups.  The University Librarians are requesting a slate of three nominees/position from which they would choose the LAUC Representative.  LAUC would prefer to hold the power to appoint representatives.


Committee Reports:

Peer Review—almost complete.

Program –Skip the June no-host lunch

Nominations and Elections—working on report, has been able to establish reliable source for list of

LAUC-D members.   The Service Roster for years past will be preserved, but the original file has been lost.  Therefore an new one will be begun this fall.  Gail Nichols has agreed to start and maintain it.

Research—No New applications.  Committee’s work complete for the year.


Discussion of LAUC-D Archives.  There is considerable lack of knowledge as to what has been preserved, what ought to be preserved, and where and how this should be done.  Goldstein agreed to discuss past practice with Sharon Baker (and hasn’t done so yet).