Minutes of the LAUC-D Executive Board Meeting April 10, 2001.

Present: Ken Firestein (Chair),  Karleen Darr, Gail Nichols, Carol LaRussa, Nancy Kushigian, Mary Eldredge, Linda Kennedy, Opry Popa, Rafaela Castro, Daniel Goldstein (Recorder).


1.      L. Kennedy presented/discussed report from the nominations committee with regard to the existence/creation/maintenance of an official list of LAUC members.  The committee felt that using the existing LAUC e-mail list as a master list was sufficient.  Discussion of pros and cons centered on the issues of keeping the list up-to-date, its reliability as a roster of members, and avoiding the duplication of effort.  In the end, there was sufficient concern over its use for elections that the Nominations committee was directed to enquire of Payroll whether it was feasible to generate a list of all UCD employees with 50% or greater appointments in the Librarians series.


It was also agreed that the Secretary was add to the LAUC-D web page a set of instructions on how to sign up for the LAUC-D listserv and to access the list of addressees.


2.    O. Popa led a discussion on the issue of the Distinguished step/designation in the librarian series and what it could or should mean under the new salary scale.  Under the old scale, the barrier between L IV and L V (and the salary difference) served to recognize the accomplishments of distinguished librarians.  Under the new scale, such a distinction may exist at the upper end of the scale, but does not for all practical purposes for current and new distiguished librarians.  The situation was best illustrated by the fact that under the new scale no rank or salary difference will exist between Librarian III's who have achieved been promoted with distinction and those who have not.


The question was then, should the efforts of those librarians who have earned distinction be acknowledged and rewarded in some fashion (as they had been under the old scale), and if so how?  The principal ideas involved sort of monetary reward.  One suggestion was that the distinguished designation should be decoupled from any particular rank and that such a designation would carry with it a supplementary stipend.  Another related suggestion was that criteria be developed to ease accelerations for plateaued librarians (this would apply to plateaued IV's (old scale) as well as V's (old scale).  Since such actions would likely require Union involvement for represented librarians, it was suggested that those concerned bring these issues to the Union as well. 


3.      The LAUC D. Distinguished Librarian Award.  Nominations for this award, which is unrelated to the distinguished step in the librarian series, are to be accepted every three years by a committee specially formed for this purpose.  As this is the appropriate year, the MOTION PASSED to establish the committee and solicit nominations for the Award.


K. Firestein expressed concern that granting the award which includes a $1000 placed undue burden on the LAUCD budget in the year in which it came up.  While LAUCD has funds sufficient to cover the award this year, executive board members expressed considerable support for the creation of a roll-over account into which LAUC would deposit $333.34 annually so that the award would be funded out of three years' budgets rather than one.  The Executive Board determined to look into the feasibility of establishing such an account.


4.      It was agreed that UCD would host the Fall Assembly for LAUC-Statewide.  The date to be determined.

5.      K. Darr announced a Program Committee talk by John Skarstad tentatively titled "Treasures of Special Collections" on May 3 (since rescheduled)


Meeting adjourned.