LAUC-D Executive Board Minutes
March 4, 2005
Agenda (Sent by Bob Heyer-Gray on 3/2/05)
1.    Call to Order
2.    Announcements
3.    Old Business:
a.   Minutes of the previous meeting
b.      LAUC-D Professional Issues Committee on a pilot project to promote
recruitment to the librarian profession at UC Davis.  Anything new?
c.      Proper and best use of research committee funds. Update.
d.      Proposal for LAUC statewide to start up its own journal. Update?
e.      LAUC-D Distinguished Librarian Award. Update.
4.    New Business:
a.      LAUC-D Nominations and Elections Committee
b.      LAUC Professional Governance Committee
5.    Other.
6.    Adjournment.
LAUC-D Executive Board Meeting
Friday, March 4, 2005
2-3 pm
1st Floor Conference Room
Attending Officers: Bob Heyer-Gray (Chair); Karleen Darr (Vice Chair); Ruth
Gustafson (Secretary/Recorder)
Attending Committee Chairs:  Pat French (CAPA); Dan Goldstein (Research);
Sarah John (Nominations & Elections); Sandy Vella (Professional Issues)
Guest: Marcia Meister (LAUC Professional Governance)
1.    Call to Order
                    Chair Heyer-Gray Called meeting to order at 2:05 pm
2.    Announcements
                    Sandy Vella announced that April 16 Picnic Day is coming up.  The
Library Instruction office could use assistance for tours (coffee and
pastries will be provided for volunteers).  Sheila and Lee will coordinate
and send out call for volunteers
3.    Old Business:
a.   Minutes of the previous meeting
Approved pending Dan Goldstein's input.
b.      LAUC-D Professional Issues Committee on a pilot project to promote
recruitment to the librarian profession at UC Davis.  Anything new?
                    Sandy Vella noted that the Pathways Career Symposium program is
moving along.  Speakers will be Carey O'Keeffe from Intel, Jared Campbell
from Shields Electronic Resources Cataloging and Ruth Gustafson from
Shields BioAg.  The range of public services, collections, technical
services, digital and special libraries will be covered.  Any interested
librarians can attend.  There should be opportunities before and after the
program to network with attendees.  Rebecca Davis will be there.  Sandy
called Teresa Dillinger yesterday and Teresa will send speakers an
official letter.  The committee is trying to gather documentation
concerning scholarships.  Bob asked if they would build a list of people
for one-on-one meetings.  Sandy will send an e-mail to the LAUC-D
membership.  As a reminder the program is on Saturday, May 14th in Wellman
in a breakout room and not yet sure if morning or afternoon.
c.      Proper and best use of research committee funds. Update.
                    Dan Goldstein forwarded 3 documents:  the first is the 2/15 draft
of the Guidelines; the second is the 2/15 draft of the Grant Procedures;
the third is the March 4 Procedure for Research Funds to PAC.
These will be discussed at the next General LAUC-D meeting.
Bob had concerns with one sentence in the 3rd document at the 3rd bullet
on how funds will be disbursed to represented/non-represented.  There was
further discussion on the MOU and the stipulation concerning represented
versus non-represented funding.
It was noted that these funds (to go to PAC) can be negotiated each year,
as the need arises.  This needs to be discussed with AdCom as well as with
the membership.
Sandy noted that this is most important for membership to discuss and the
timing will need to be well-planned for this to be implemented by Library
Administration staff.
Additional discussion ensued about Research committee potentially having
to deal with separate pots of money.  This does align with statewide which
does have separate pots of research dollars for represented and
Bob will talk with Marilyn Sharrow to alert her to the three documents.
Sandy noted that the pattern of requests for LAUC-D Research funding could
shift in the next few years.
d.      Proposal for LAUC statewide to start up its own journal. Update?
                    Dan Goldstein is trying to get a conference phone call set up with
the committee and is still trying to set a date.  Andrea Duda is on this
committee.  Sandy hopes there will be a better name than the proposed
journal title "Library Science".  The turnaround time for the first report
is very short -- due in April.
e.      LAUC-D Distinguished Librarian Award. Update.
                    Bob Heyer-Gray sent an announcement to the LAUC-D mailing list
asking for nominations.  John Tanno is the AdCom member on the committee
for this award.  Other members are Terri Malmgren (past LAUC-D chair is
the chair of this committee); Gail Nichols, Karleen Darr and an Academic
Senate member from the English department, Ray Waddington.  The
nominations go directly to the Awards committee chair.  Terri Malmgren
will send out another e-mail call.  Bob will talk with Terri about the
status of this award committee.
4.    New Business:
a.  LAUC Professional Governance Committee (moved first over the
Nominations & Elections) -- Guest, Marcia Meister
                    Marcia Meister is the LAUC-D appointee to the LAUC Statewide
Professional Governance Committee.  The charge of this committee for this
year is to 1) advise the LAUC President and Executive Board on issues; 2)
serve as a review body for Divisions who may request evaluation of local
peer-review procedures; and 3) maintain access to campus peer-review
documents on the Web or in electronic form
This year the specific additions to the charge were to 1) contact each
campus's LAUC chairs to find how each campus defined librarian emeritus
status.  This would result in an informational report.  Bob and Marcia met
with George Bynon before he retired to discuss this.  There is little
documentation on exactly what privileges are available to even faculty
with emeritus status.  A document from the Chancellor, dated October 29,
2001, outlines the "Rights and Privileges of Emeriti/ae Faculty." However,
it does not mention librarians specifically, nor does it outline the
procedures for application for emeritus status. This document and its
cover letter are at:
The Board discussed which librarians had received this emeriti status over
the past years and it appears to be only a handful.  Marcia stated that
one librarian received Emeritus status in 2003/04, two in the early 1990s,
and a few prior to that time.  Other recent retirees were interested in
maintaining email accounts and access to databases.
Pat French asked who initiates the process for receiving emeriti status?
Does the librarian or the supervisor?
Marcia noted that the APM addresses emeritus status for academic
professionals covered by the APM in APM 120.  Librarians are eligible for
emeritus status.  The UCD APM does give procedures and a librarian may
initiate the request but it requires the review initiator's support
letter.  Special privileges can include library privileges, e-mail
accounts and parking.  One may also attend departmental meetings.
UCD APM Section UCD-120 - Conferral of Emeritus Status on Non-Senate
Academic Appointees and Academic Administrative Officers)
Professional Governance Statewide has wanted to see campus approaches and
whether they are consistent.  UCI has procedural documents including
criteria in their APM 120.  Some other campuses have a statement on their
website.  Our LAUC-D website and procedures do not say anything.
Criteria for emeritus status from the APM include:  Worked at the campus
for 10 years and at the highest rank of Librarian.  Granting authority in
the MOU does not use the word "emeritus" but a retired librarian can
*still* get this.  Marcia reported that the MOU, ARTICLE 31 SPECIAL
RETIREMENT BENEFITS addresses benefits comparable to Emeritus status:
"A librarian who has attained the rank of Librarian with at least 10 years
of University service, and who retires from an active appointment on or
after July 1, 2003, shall be eligible to receive the campus benefits
equivalent to those provided to non-Senate appointees who have been
granted emeritus status at that campus. The AFT acknowledges that the
level of benefits provided to non-Senate emeriti varies by location. The
emeriti benefits are subject to change at the sole discretion of the
University. These benefits do not confer emeritus status. Librarians
interested in attaining emeritus status should contact the campus library
Human Resources office."
George Bynon stated that e-mail accounts and a library card can be
received.  There are still procedural questions:  when one retires does
one have to indicate that one wants this e-mail account and library card?
One of the Professional Governance Committee's charges is to maintain
access to campus peer-review documents on the Web or in electronic format
and review those peer-review materials on the Web site biennially in order
to ensure adequacy and currency of materials" (LAUC Bylaws, Article VIII,
Section 1.j.2). This charge was due for its biennial update during the
2004/05 year and the Committee members reviewed their own pages for
currency and in addition reviewed one other campus page.  The Report was
sent to LAUC President Huwe.
Marcia reported that the LAUC-D procedures were revised and re-titled
(Performance Evaluation of Appointees Reviewed in the Librarians Series or
PEARLS) this year and the web page is accurate. The local peer review
committee was also renamed (to CAPA). The LAUC Web link was updated.
Each member reviewed other campuses' review documents.  UCD reviewed UCI's
and UCB reviewed UCD's.  Marcia found UCI's documents to be extremely
clear and detailed.  Marcia felt that UCI's document criteria for
advancement to Librarian Step 6 could serve as a model for UCD.
UCB felt UCD documents were clear but that UCD does need to get revision
dates added.  This is under the Library Administration purview.
The latest LAUC Professional Governance charge is to survey relationships
between Library Administrations and campus Academic Senates and make a
report to the LAUC President. [Report is now posted on the LAUC web site]
This is different for each campus.
Marcia noted that the UCD situation is unique as we are the only campus
with an Academic Federation.  Discussion ensued as to which LAUC-D members
are on which AF committees.
CPG was asked to gather information on four specific questions:
1) Do LAUC members serve on any Academic Senate committees? If so, list
all committees, their charges, and indicate whether the LAUC members are
full members, ex-officio members, or consultants, with a brief description
of their roles.
2) Are LAUC members called upon to comment as guests at Senate committee
3) What is the role of the Library Administration in formal relations with
the Senate Division? Please list how the Library Administration is
represented, both on the Committee on Library (or its equivalent) or other
4) At some campus divisions within the University, faculty members have
expressed an interest in two-way dialogue with LAUC, e.g. LAUC could
invite a member of the Committee on Library to be ex officio to the LAUC
Executive Committee. CPG members should consult with their divisional
chairs on this topic, and find out what their Executive Committees think
of the idea.
A report has been submitted to LAUC [Executive Summary at:]
b.      LAUC-D Nominations and Elections Committee
                    Sarah John noted that they have received nominations and committee
will be meeting soon to review.
5.    Adjournment.    3:10pm